Saturday, December 31, 2011

Actually Tired

Hi guys, have you ever kept working without no day off for a month? I have! Today is the last day of December 2011 and I really don't have any holiday. Even I have to report New Years Eve program in office. Wow! the program would be held till 2 AM. Imagine! How can you think I'm still survive and alive? I myself even don't know at all.

Fake smile
It may say a miracle for me to keep standing and working with my whole heart and sincerity. Actually tired physically, emotionally.. but smile really heals that all. Even it's only fake smile.

Keep smile even though you're crazily tired :)

She and Her Business

Finally had a chance to meet up and interview Mrs. Netty Heryawan, the wife of Governor of West Java, Mr Ahmad Heryawan. We all had lunch together at Baranang. It's a rare momento ;)

I found Mrs Netty so friendly, comfortable, and nice. I love the way she speaks, she comments, she gives me advices. Hey! she told me that being a women is great. Every women can be strong and empower another people. Women has more roles. As a child, as a wife, as a Mom.

She also praise me for being a journalist while I'm still studying in college. I'm great for being able to overcome the difficulties of managing time. Lot of thanks for praising =) You are great too.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Little Hajjah

So sad seeing my sister and family picking their properties to move to the new home :'( They'd be in the new home right in the new year's eve. New Year, New Home, New Hope. Congratulation..

Anyway, this is my adorable niece before leaving.. Cute as always.

The distance between their new home and mine is further. It's quiet hard to get there everyday like I used to do so far. But perhaps it doesn't matter at all if the gadget's around. We can still keep in touch :)

Exotic View

Reporting photo shoot session with Hajni crew in Santika Hotel. It was amazing moment as I can see the view of Tasikmalaya City from above just like bird eye's view. I love the swimming pool which is in 3rd floor with Mayasari Plaza as the view. It's coooool although the weather is hot enough.

Exotic right? Really wanna plunge my body into the pool =D

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Almost Same Name

Hj Imat the owner of Hajni Muslim Shop kept calling me since a few weeks ago, told that there will be photo shoot session and actress Citra Kirana as the model. And I was asked to report it. He explained Citra was acting in one of soup opera which is good in rating. I actually don't know her as well as I'm not soap opera lover. Hehehehe

After meeting and having a little talk about Mother's Day, I found Citra is a nice and friendly girl. I'm not expected that her age is still 17. Wow! I think she's been twenty something for her mature face and her body height :P

Anyway.. We have the same last name. Mine is Lisan Kyrana and hers is Citra Kirana. Proud to be Kyrana as its meaning is a beautiful light (I search it through Google). Whoever Kirana or Kyrana may aways be the light for family, for another, useful, and stay strong to keep shining =)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

More Girly and Beautiful

This week has been my most hectic week. My two office mate took a rest for three months. The one is having trouble with her digestion. Another is in old pregnant. So some of their tasks become my task. How come they leave me at the same time? -____-

By the way these are my page 'For Her' has been metamorphosed and now it's full color. Yaay! Isn't that cute?

Parenting edition

Journey with Mrs Roosje as the source


One thing should be realized is never hope for any holiday this month. What a crazeeeeeh! Actually tired but I never stop wishing to God to gimme strength :') I know I can get through it.

Wrong Dress Code

Let's talk a little bit about my activities today. Leaving home earlier at 7 AM then going to Pendopo with Mrs Tina for reporting Mrs Lina Ruzhan, wife of Bupati Kabupaten Tasikmalaya Uu Ruzhanul Ulum. I skipped class again and again v_v Hoaaahm.

After that, Mrs Tina asked me to accompany her to Doctor Polar's wedding party at Ramayana Hotel. Had lunch and meals over there. Such an elegant wedding. Hopefully someday I would have the same or more wedding party. Amin =D

Anyway, Due to sudden agenda makes me wearing a wrong dress code. No formal dress, no make up. Oh! But my high confidence makes me feel that I'm the most beautiful ones in the party. Hahahahaha

A group of strawberries. Nice arrangement =)

Sweet marshmallow

My Zupa-zupa

Look me in the lips

Inside Zupa-zupa

Keep smile =)
In front of the swimming pool
I kept imagining how it could be if the brides plunged into the swimming pool after wedding party ends. Heheheh

Friday, December 16, 2011

Shrimp Oyster Sauce

For me, Friday is my nutritional improvement day. Why? Ya as you know every Friday I report the culinary trip around City. So I can have lunch almost whatever I want, freely =D This week I visited Saung Gunung Jati and was having shrimp oyster sauce for lunch. Super yummy! 

Taste yummy

The menu here is kinda different from usual menu in another restaurant. The shrimps and the sauce processed separately. The shrimps was fried and covered in flour. Then lined up on the plate and doused in oyster sauce. But the taste is nothing different. Seafood is always be my favorite one.  

Oseng asin jambal roti

I also had Oseng Asin Jambal Roti on my table but I quiet don't like it, hehehe. It's too salty and full of oil.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lisan Kyrana's Sweethearts

Watching adorable kids show their performance in so many ways in Mayasari Plaza. Most of them show us the modern, traditional, and contemporary dance. It really brought me realize that I would have the sweetheart(s) like them, one day. Insyaallah. I dunno how many years I should wait for, But I'm still running my life with a hope to have amazing moment with all my sweethearts in the future. And of course after finding my soul mate =D

Adorable kids after performing Tari Ayam. Isn't it cute?
Had lunch
Paket Bokek :

To all my sweethearts who'd come to the world through me, wherever you are:

You would be so special to me and the most precious gift I would have ever received. Me, who's always waiting for the amazing time when you born wanna say 'I Love You' dearests.

Really can't wait to see you =)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nothing More

I guess everybody ever felt not respected by others. We are working hard but some people don't appreciate it. We are helping them but they even no say thanks. We are speaking but they don't give any attention. We've tried our best but they don't value our working. It doesn't mean that all we want is honor. That's not the matter. But you know we don't like to be treated bad. My point is being treated well is enough. It's a kinda good appreciation. Insulting smile should not be showed. We sometimes should excuse the errors. No anger, just forgiving and try to be better.

Well may be right now I really feel resentful because someone bring me down by what his doing to me. I've tried my best but he still.. makes me feel not respected. He doesn't value what I've done. Come on, don't you see my hard working? Why are you doing like that you are the most capable person in this world? Ya I know I'm still amateur, still crawling, still nothing.. But I frankly don't like underestimated.

Smart, creative, always have good idea. Yes that's you are! But I think it's nothing more if you can not respect others. That's all meaningless.

But from this part, I can take something to learn. I'm here in the position -as the one who feel not respected- know more how the feeling of people If I don't respect them. So I will be able to respect every little good thing people do to me. I will always learn to value other people's opinion, listen to others when they speak, never pressure someone to do something she or he doesn't wanna do, and make everyone feel comfort around me.

Let's respect others, they will also respect us.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Together in Friendship

When we are together we should be spending time by.. singing at our favorite family friendship karaoke! Forget all the troubles in life which sometimes make us stuck and super tired. Trust me singing even doing random things such as dancing and screaming in Karaoke is the cool way to relieve stress.

Couple Candy and A Lutfi, Ajeng, Bang John, and me are so crazy singing friends. Keep ROCK guys! 

Candy, my bestie and me


My not finest score

Bang John was happy for getting better score
I call this 'Duet Maut'

Bang John (mid) the most beautiful guy

We are two such a BIG fans of The Beatles

Feeling thirsty after crazily scream singing

Singing friends
I'm very grateful for having good times with friends. Next time let's do it anymore, guuuys! Doing karaoke till drop.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Interesting Saturday

Life is like a game and I've done well all the challenges today. Yaaay! This saturday really makes my day interesting. Hung out with sister's little family, had lunch together, and did karaoke. Super happy!

Daddy's little girl

She's doing what she call 'Mamam (eating)" =D

Selecting playlist

Karaoke heals my dizziness

I like to move it move it

Enjoy singing
Some troubles I got before having fun which are I can pass them through:
  •  Saturday actually my day off but I had an appoinment with my source. Thankfully I can fulfill my promise.
  •  My motor car can't be startered and finally it can be repaired free and no charge as I was reporting to Mrs Lisna, Mr Darius' wife. He have top position in Yamaha Berlian Motor. Thank's a bunch =)
  •  I got hectic day but I can well-organize everything. Alhamdulillah.
That's going on my interesting Saturday. What about yours? I hope you are all always happy and delightful for having best family.

Friday, December 9, 2011


Friendship is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.
 -Mohammad Ali-

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wish For Snow

In the country which have 4 seasons, the snow must begin to fall now. But right here in Indonesia nothing special when the end of the year. The weather is hot in the morning and afternoon then sometimes rainy in the evening. Really, I wish for snow just like in Japan or Europe.

Anyone will fly me to Europe? >,<

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Dragon!

The weather is crazily hoooot today. Really wanna go swimming but it's kinda impossible as I was in working. So I bought this fresh juice. It helped me to lost my thirst very much. Hey, look at the color of the drink. Cool right? =D It's dragon fruit juice. Truly in love with this purple color. Feel so fresh drinking it in very hot weather.

Loss my thirst

It's red dragon fruit

Me and my niece
Anyway, today I reported to Mrs Roosje, the wife of Major of Tasikmalaya City Mr Syarif. Almost two hours we had conversation but it seemed only two minutes. Ya it's impossibly happen when girl's talk.

Mrs Roosje and me
She's quiet busy with her responsibilities as the wife of first person in Tasikmalaya. Lucky me for having chance to not only meet and greet but also had deep talk. The content of conversation is about her daily routines, her family, her job as a midwife, and her love story with her husband long ago. I learned much things from her. Alhamdulillah =)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Truly Tasteful

Yesterday I was reporting to Mrs Neni, a teacher, then I was served some kind of foods. My eyes kept staring to the dessert in a cup. Ah, that's pudding my favorite meal! It's chocolate. Surprisingly she knew better what I hope. She finally gave me pudding to take home. Yaaaaaay! Thank you so much. God bless you, Mrs. 

Truly tasteful

I eat more and more


I'm too full =D
I have plan to make the same pudding later if I had a free holiday. Just wait for the next-next post, peeps =)