Friday, September 30, 2011

Good Aunty Loves All Her Nieces

Having three nieces from my two sisters is fun. Playing, caring, helping, even gossiping with 'em can make my life more colorful than the best LCD can show =D Here I will introduce them to you all.

Radhiyya Hauna Khairunnisa (8)

Rahima Nurul Annisa (5,5)
Both are my eldest sister, Teh Dewi and her husband A Ire's daughters.

Nathania Zahra Agustian (1)
And Nat-nat is the only one child of Teh Ira and A Indra
I do love them all. Anyhow I don't have any nephew. That's why I really wish for this one then =D
Hope next year, amin.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Grow Up

Halooooo.. Welcome back to my blog..

I didn't post anything yesterday because I was tired, just backed home at 9 PM from office. But alhamdulillah the crazy working hour doesn't happen today. Everybody absolutely wanna be better person each day. So do I. But sometimes it's so hard to do as the real world can be a cruel place and we can't handle it as well. The result is being grumpy and can't stop complaining.

I want my self grow up as my age is older. I want to be a better person. Frankly I'm proud that I've been financially independent. But not emotionally. I'm still mad when my mood is bad. I sometimes show my anger to anyone I hate. I know life is not always run our way. It's not fair sometimes. I try to OK with it.

Ya Allah, I just wanna be a good person. I want my inner beauty can be shown my entire life. So everybody doesn't appreciate me from the outer but from the inner.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crawling Turtle

I'm lazy to post now actually. But I just wanna prove that I can be consistently posting anything. Everyday. But, It seems not complete if my post is without pictures as the connection in my room is like the crawling turtle =( 

Next day I'll complete it with some pictures, included the real crawling turtle.

quiet different
Nah, finally uploaded a picture of mine

Monday, September 26, 2011

More and More

Back to college means working harder. So many responsibilities and challenges. All I have to do is: enjoy!

I will stop complaining like I always do before. Someone told me that the complainer is countrified. I do realize that life is getting harder. Anyhow it'll make me higher. Harder, faster, stronger will make me better =) Insyaallah.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Smoking French Fry

Was karaoke-ing at Reyhan's Karaoke in Plaza Asia freely with Bang Jona, Kak Lingga, and Ajeng. As we got Relationship Tax a.k.a Pajak Jadian from my bestie Candy and Lutfi who made relationship a few weeks ago =D

eating french fry

Candy and Lutfi

Bang Jona and Kak Lingga

After singing two hours gonna had dinner at KFC. Unfortunatelly I ate junk food. But I have paid it by drinking so much mineral water when I was home. I promise to my self not to eat that kind of trashy food instead. In order to keep my body healthy. 

Well, I wish Candy and Lutfi are always be a happy couple <3 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Money is (not) Everything

Being poor isn't very much fun. Moreover everything in modern society is based on money. As the saying goes, money makes the world go around. How to get uncountable money anyway? Self esteem is the key word. That's what Mr. GM said when morning daily meeting today. I'm a journalist where is susceptible to bribery from parties who don't want to feel loss. Never trade self esteem just for money. Sometimes, money is not everything. Higher self esteem, bigger money we'll get.

Favorite sentence today: 
"Your self esteem should be higher than value of money."
"More give than take."
I say nothing beats money but an innocent face of kid ;)

Hj Nat-nat
I feel happy when lil cute kid is around although I don't have so much money =) Alhamdulillah.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Heart It

When I was my sister's home after college, I just took a rest for a while. Watching TV and looking for my favorite channel, HBO. I was just suddenly interested to the film which has an unique name and invited my curiosity. The Time Traveler's Wife. The film may have been watched by all of you guys but frankly, I just watch it for the first time today =D Ya I know It's so embarassing!

If you wanna know more about the film, just click on here!
I'm so hard to fall in love with movies, but watching this make me did it. I heart this film. When it's ending, I feel my heart warming. Lovely and.. drive me impatient gonna find my soul mate! 
For you who haven't watched yet this film, watch it and enjoy sooner.
Don't forget to keep popcorn in your hand =)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The First (Again)

Today is my first lecture in my third semester. The crazy thing is the scholars in my class is over loaded. There are 80 person. Just like attending workshop and everyone is busy with their own business. Some of them even didn't give attention to the lecturer. What about me? I just like taking photo shoots of my self. hehehe :P

'Mulak Cangkeng'
Keep spirit to get 4 for Cumulative Grade Point a.k.a IPK guuuuuys =D

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fake Smile

I've heard someone said, "Everyday may not be good, but there's something good in everyday."

It may be said that today is my unlucky day. I upset at office when someone jokingly hide my motor key. When I finished my work I was at parking lot to drive home. And when looking for it, I got lil surprise when finding the key is not in my bag. Frankly, I have many trouble lately and I (wrongly) keep dwelling on it. Whereas I am usually able to keep smiling when I'm down, when my heart's breaking, even when I don't wanna smile. But now It's hard to do for me. The result I'm bad mood all day. So when something bad happen to me I'm suddenly mad and sometimes crying. (Damn, I did it!)

Whatever happen good or bad, I just wanna be a girl who can be stay calm, smile, and out of troubling thought. I'm kind of person who can't show fake smile. I don't like to pretend. If I'm smiling, even my heart is breaking, that's genuine smile. Because I am in strong defense not to show out my real feeling. But when I'm grim and get weak defense, I just upset my way. Then I regret it.

Controlling and organizing emotion is harder than baby sitting children. I'm 18 and I have good willing to be more calm and grow up. Diffuse my negative feelings by generating positive one. It's easy to write and say but hard to do. But I'll try. I'll keep trying on it.

Bismillah =)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Little More Feminine

I my self thought my appearance today was quiet different from usual. Almost everyday I usually wear pant or jeans. But today I just wanna look little more feminine by wearing skirt. Am I? =D

Just joined my sister and little family controlling their home to be at Perum Cipta Graha Mandiri. Still in contraction. Hope they live prosperous and independent life in the new home sweet home later. Till now they still stay at one of my parent's home.

A Indra and his daughter
Teh Ira and her child

That's all for today =)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Not Pro

I don't know why since I had blog, I love doing make up. Snap some picture of me then post them here. I do realize I'm still amateur in photography but I'm serious on it. Moreover I love learning. So I'll keep practicing and snapping what I want to, especially me and my daily activities.

Here are some pictures of me. I also gave it my-adobe-photo-shop-skill touch.

I’m not a professional photographer. Not also a model. I probably never will be. I don't really care when everyone told or text that my pictures aren't good. For me, it's a hobby. Relaxing hobby to relieve stress ;)

O God, photography is addictive. I'm still blank about lighting, using camera, and the way to capture right angle. Even I just used my camera pocket to capture all of these. But I think within the limitation is driving me to be more creative to get the best result.

I have a few friends who are good in photography. May be I'll take practice with them later to encourage my skill. I'll be waiting for both constructive criticisms and suggestions from you the reader =)

Lisan Kyrana

Friday, September 16, 2011

Women, Let's Empower!

I'm proud being a women. Women has more care and smooth, also is the majority of population around the world. But unfortunately women still remain the less prosperous, also the discrimination against them remain in all aspect of life. In my city Tasikmalaya there is P2TP2A (Pusat Pelayanan Terpadu Perlindungan Perempuan dan Anak), an institution focused on women empowerment and child protection. And today I was just attending the coordination meeting of P2TP2A at office of family planning. 

Me and Mrs. Nunung Kartini, the head of office of family planning

I wish women's status, right, role, and education would be stronger. The most important thing that women should have more power. 

Anyway, I also visited Iwan Collection shop at Jalan HZ Mustofa. Reporting some trending fashion. 

Me and the mannequins

Finally, tomorrow is my holiday as I have that 'long-waited-day' once in TWO weeks! So get ready to clean up my face then.. swim in the deep sea of blanket.

G'nite peeps =)


Found Something Missing

I just googling my name 'Lisan Kyrana' and I'm so suprised at what I found. My blog I made when I was in Senior High (2009) =D The content is so little, it's only 5 posts. But I'm interested to read my writing I wrote about two years ago. Here it is:

Be Inspiring Woman!!!

Hi Girls! It is time for us to talk about something feminine. Being pretty!! Hmm… No girls doesn’t want to be pretty, right? Girl’s instinct is naturally want to be identified as beautiful person. Including me, exactly. How to be pretty anyway? Have we been beautiful?
Well, let’s value our self and please answer these questions!
Have we consumed fruits and vegetables? How many time we take jogging in a month? How many time we read magazine in a week? Is it easy for us to smile to the others? And what kind of woman we want to be?
From these questions we can evaluate our beauty level.
Well, let’s focus on our beauty. Eating snacks is not forbidden. But, we should be smart in choosing which snacks are good and which snacks are bad for our health. However, being healthy means beautiful. We can recommend vegetables as our main menu four times a week and recommend fruits as replacement of snacks. In keeping our health and beauty we need to take sport as our habitual week such as jogging because person who is very rare to take sport is as dangerous as smoker. There are many reasons why, girls like us is very lazy to do exercises. The most classic reason is being busy. Like or dislike, we should write a word, “sport” among our busy activities on our daily agenda. Good food and enough exercises make us look fresh and healthy.
But, only beauty will not support us to be inspiring woman. We should sharpen our brain with so many knowledge. A little example is by reading newspaper, magazine, biography, encyclopedia, and anything so that we can update every new information. Make our self to be informed girl. But please stop reading about gossip and celebrity misbehavior, OK? We will be rightfully proud when our friends call us “walking dictionary” or “beautiful encyclopedia”. Get long life education must be our principle.
But, please remember that behavior is really impossible to forget because the beauty of woman is not only come from outside but also from inside. It means our beauty, brain and behavior need to be balanced. It is time for us to break the words “angry”, “egoist”, “lazy”, and many our bad habits. From now on, let’s do something more valuable than just being silent. Establishing a small library for street children is wonderful action in decreasing illeteracy. Make our attendance is really hoped and our going is really regretted and be a useful person.
With power of our beauty, brain and behavior we can be a figure that inspire the others. Just tell to our soul that we can be able to be the next Kartini. So girls, are you ready to be inspiring woman?

That's it :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rare Moment

Having breakfast at office while projecting (the meeting before reporting) today. It's pickled crap tiiiime (yipppiii)! What a rare moment. I joined to eat, I have had breakfast at home tough =)
Hope it would be happened everyday. amin.

Me and Sister Rina

PS: In the end of having breakfast, Mr. GM a.k.a Mr. Dadan told us to do it regularly in order to increase the spirit of all reporters to attend this daily meeting. I'm so excited. Morning coffee or tea.. hmmm.. would be coooool. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bismillah I am Consistent

at Urug Rest Area

Frankly, It is my umpteenth blog. Being not consistent in posting made me forget all the passwords. Yea, you know on virtual word there are so much things using password. It's my start (seriously) on blogging. Hope I could be consistently posting everything I can share :)