Thursday, September 29, 2011

Grow Up

Halooooo.. Welcome back to my blog..

I didn't post anything yesterday because I was tired, just backed home at 9 PM from office. But alhamdulillah the crazy working hour doesn't happen today. Everybody absolutely wanna be better person each day. So do I. But sometimes it's so hard to do as the real world can be a cruel place and we can't handle it as well. The result is being grumpy and can't stop complaining.

I want my self grow up as my age is older. I want to be a better person. Frankly I'm proud that I've been financially independent. But not emotionally. I'm still mad when my mood is bad. I sometimes show my anger to anyone I hate. I know life is not always run our way. It's not fair sometimes. I try to OK with it.

Ya Allah, I just wanna be a good person. I want my inner beauty can be shown my entire life. So everybody doesn't appreciate me from the outer but from the inner.

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