Friday, September 16, 2011

Found Something Missing

I just googling my name 'Lisan Kyrana' and I'm so suprised at what I found. My blog I made when I was in Senior High (2009) =D The content is so little, it's only 5 posts. But I'm interested to read my writing I wrote about two years ago. Here it is:

Be Inspiring Woman!!!

Hi Girls! It is time for us to talk about something feminine. Being pretty!! Hmm… No girls doesn’t want to be pretty, right? Girl’s instinct is naturally want to be identified as beautiful person. Including me, exactly. How to be pretty anyway? Have we been beautiful?
Well, let’s value our self and please answer these questions!
Have we consumed fruits and vegetables? How many time we take jogging in a month? How many time we read magazine in a week? Is it easy for us to smile to the others? And what kind of woman we want to be?
From these questions we can evaluate our beauty level.
Well, let’s focus on our beauty. Eating snacks is not forbidden. But, we should be smart in choosing which snacks are good and which snacks are bad for our health. However, being healthy means beautiful. We can recommend vegetables as our main menu four times a week and recommend fruits as replacement of snacks. In keeping our health and beauty we need to take sport as our habitual week such as jogging because person who is very rare to take sport is as dangerous as smoker. There are many reasons why, girls like us is very lazy to do exercises. The most classic reason is being busy. Like or dislike, we should write a word, “sport” among our busy activities on our daily agenda. Good food and enough exercises make us look fresh and healthy.
But, only beauty will not support us to be inspiring woman. We should sharpen our brain with so many knowledge. A little example is by reading newspaper, magazine, biography, encyclopedia, and anything so that we can update every new information. Make our self to be informed girl. But please stop reading about gossip and celebrity misbehavior, OK? We will be rightfully proud when our friends call us “walking dictionary” or “beautiful encyclopedia”. Get long life education must be our principle.
But, please remember that behavior is really impossible to forget because the beauty of woman is not only come from outside but also from inside. It means our beauty, brain and behavior need to be balanced. It is time for us to break the words “angry”, “egoist”, “lazy”, and many our bad habits. From now on, let’s do something more valuable than just being silent. Establishing a small library for street children is wonderful action in decreasing illeteracy. Make our attendance is really hoped and our going is really regretted and be a useful person.
With power of our beauty, brain and behavior we can be a figure that inspire the others. Just tell to our soul that we can be able to be the next Kartini. So girls, are you ready to be inspiring woman?

That's it :)

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