Friday, September 30, 2011

Good Aunty Loves All Her Nieces

Having three nieces from my two sisters is fun. Playing, caring, helping, even gossiping with 'em can make my life more colorful than the best LCD can show =D Here I will introduce them to you all.

Radhiyya Hauna Khairunnisa (8)

Rahima Nurul Annisa (5,5)
Both are my eldest sister, Teh Dewi and her husband A Ire's daughters.

Nathania Zahra Agustian (1)
And Nat-nat is the only one child of Teh Ira and A Indra
I do love them all. Anyhow I don't have any nephew. That's why I really wish for this one then =D
Hope next year, amin.

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