Sunday, September 25, 2011

Smoking French Fry

Was karaoke-ing at Reyhan's Karaoke in Plaza Asia freely with Bang Jona, Kak Lingga, and Ajeng. As we got Relationship Tax a.k.a Pajak Jadian from my bestie Candy and Lutfi who made relationship a few weeks ago =D

eating french fry

Candy and Lutfi

Bang Jona and Kak Lingga

After singing two hours gonna had dinner at KFC. Unfortunatelly I ate junk food. But I have paid it by drinking so much mineral water when I was home. I promise to my self not to eat that kind of trashy food instead. In order to keep my body healthy. 

Well, I wish Candy and Lutfi are always be a happy couple <3 

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