Friday, September 16, 2011

Women, Let's Empower!

I'm proud being a women. Women has more care and smooth, also is the majority of population around the world. But unfortunately women still remain the less prosperous, also the discrimination against them remain in all aspect of life. In my city Tasikmalaya there is P2TP2A (Pusat Pelayanan Terpadu Perlindungan Perempuan dan Anak), an institution focused on women empowerment and child protection. And today I was just attending the coordination meeting of P2TP2A at office of family planning. 

Me and Mrs. Nunung Kartini, the head of office of family planning

I wish women's status, right, role, and education would be stronger. The most important thing that women should have more power. 

Anyway, I also visited Iwan Collection shop at Jalan HZ Mustofa. Reporting some trending fashion. 

Me and the mannequins

Finally, tomorrow is my holiday as I have that 'long-waited-day' once in TWO weeks! So get ready to clean up my face then.. swim in the deep sea of blanket.

G'nite peeps =)


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