Monday, October 31, 2011

Passion for F

skirt and blouse by Hajni

Last Friday I reported to Hajni, Fashion of Muslimah and Hajj store. It was delightful that what the store sell are more younger in taste. By the way what's trending muslimah fashion nowadays? They said it's going to tie dye motive which is popularized by Dian Pelangi and everything made of cotton jersey material. Such as scarfs, pants, cardigans, skirts, dresses, all are comfortable and be able to absorb more sweats. 

Teh Delima in Hajni Outfit

I heart this blouse. So 70's =D

artistic by Hajni. Love the way wearing the scarf

Getting Closer

Death can come for us anytime. No matter we are old or young, sick or healthy, ready or not. Many people died suddenly while they are still have so much business of life. Like what happen to my friend who's died a few days ago. She's only 18 and still study in university. I don't know clearly what happen exactly with her. Very unexpected.

It's me after praying, then looking out the window as the sun shine's glowing

As I don't know when I'll be die, I keep trying to be a better person who always get closer to Allah. I want my death Khusnul Khotimah. Amin.

By the way.. This is what I wrote when last Ramadhan Month. A reminder for all of us :)

Lailatul Qadr VS Mid Night Sale

I was just back home after spending half of my day out of home. Begin with practiced violin, dropped by my sis’ home and played with my niece, also reported breaking fast together of Majelis Taklim Community (It’s my holiday though).
While waiting for the adzan magrib, Ustadz told about lailatul qodr which falls on one of the last 10 night in Ramadan month. I have known better that lailatul qodr is better than 1001 nights. It’s recommended that all Muslim get closer and more stand in prayer to Allah. One who misses this blessed night has missed much good. So It’s just about our willing to optimize time as good as possible to reach the excellence of that special night.

On the way back home, I was trapped in traffic exactly in HZ Mustafa street. All kind of vehicles fulfill the street. What a noisy and crowded. But, it just reminded me that the biggest Plaza in Tasikmalaya is holding mid night sale. When I was stuck in traffic, there were so much thoughts coming up on my mind. The phenomenon is really in contradiction with the moment of Lailatul Qodr guess to be.

Well, it is the 10 last night in Ramadan and so many people choose to shop many things in mid night sale. I don’t judge that they are wrong because of choosing what they want (shopping, hang out, etc). But I deplore it as well.

Mmm, I think that if we still have so much items to wear at home it’s not too important to buy ‘everything’ lead us to be consumptive. Just buy what we need, not what we desire. Ya, as human being I also have this ‘passion for fashion’. Moreover, idul fitri is getting nearer and tend with new clothes. So mid night shopping is a reason that way. But my mind quit from paradigm that ‘Idul Fitri should wear NEW clothes’.

Hey guys, you can notice the poor and the rich man are more contrast in our city. Don’t you think to set aside a lil money of your idul fitri budget for them who is really need it? I’m not an angel. I sometimes forget it. But this time, I remind you to do it. That’s what a friend are for right, to remind each other?

For you guys who has bought so much things especially clothes for idul fitri.. Are you big hearted to give some for them and only have one cloth? Other recommendation is to give old clothes and renew your wardrobe with all you have bought. So it will be fair. Hard to do but it’s nice and bring happiness afterwards.

Sharing and caring each other make us happy and delightful (trust me!). More than when you buy a new thing. What we give may be little but in sincere, Allah will appreciate it at all. Just do it from now on and begin to shop in your own cupboard. Never wait to be a rich man to share. Let’s seek the mysterious Lailatul Qodr and the big reward will await ;) Insyaallah..

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Bit of My Past

Helping my sister Teh Ira, packing some properties gonna move to the new house next month, I got surprise for finding these paintings:

I made when I was in junior high

When I was in senior high, I live in the house with Mom that my sister and her family now stay. But sister and her husband just bought a new house, still in Tasik, and gonna leave that memorable place I usually call 'Rumah Pink'. After empty, the house would be ready for rent.

I made when I was in senior high

Looking the paintings of course brought me to the past when I was still a student. So many memorable things I've been through with my schoolmate, even soul mate :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sweet as Memories of Childhood

Finding the sweet candy when I was at my sister's house yesterday. It really brings me to the memory of childhood. I still remember that I used to buy this kind of sweet when I was child. The shape is varied. I choose a 'like-tooth-brush' one. Here it is. Only Rp. 1000 ;)

Get ready to brush my teeth

tooth brush with tooth paste (sweet version)

sweet as my face :D

It may say that my childhood has passed. But being sweet and happy is still and would be forever :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Melting Froyo

Get taste a cup of frozen yogurt (froyo) at cafe in Yogya Depstore while the weather is crazily hot. I thought the slight will be frozen like ice cream, but surprisingly it's melting. Actually it shouldn't be called frozen yogurt but melting yogurt. Hahaha.

Frozen yogurt is melting

Well then, appearance is not a big deal. The most important thing is I'll lose my thirsty as soon as possible by tasting this appetizer. It looks more gorgeously with fresh cut-fruit (strawberry, grape, apple, mango) as a topping. 

Really wish for a genuine frozen yogurt, especially from Sour Sally. Unfortunatelly no Sour Sally in Tasik :(

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blue Sky Admirer

Really miss blue skies in the afternoon. Since a few days they didn't show their beauty as it rains all the time.. Actually I don't like rainy day. I prefer the day with moist weather (no hot, no cold) and the blue sky above. So cute and comfort.

Looking out the window while it rains remind me to the words I knew when I was  in senior high:
I like walking in the rain because no one knows I'm crying
ah, young..

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday in Black

Oh dear what can I do?
Baby's in black and I'm feeling blue
Tell me oh what can I do?

She thinks of him and so she dresses in black
And though he'll never come back
she's dressed in black

I'm in black

The part of song is by The Beatles, my most favorite legend band. Titled Baby's in Black. Today I dress in black with a lil bit blue I wear as a belt. The pictures are taken at office by Rachmi. Thanks dear!

Anyway, I do love the weather today. It's rainy day but the rain is getting small in the afternoon. Soggy, moist, and coooooool. No hot sunshine as usual. I also backed home early as my works finished faster. Yay! 

PS: I extend condolence to Marco Simoncelli who died in Malaysian MotoGP crash this afternoon. Rest in Peace.

Putu = Grandchild

Still remember this food? It's putu. Kind of Indonesian traditional cake that contains palm sugar and grated coconut, wrapped in steamed rice flour. It's rarely found today but fortunately when I was at my sister's house the putu seller passed over. So I decided to buy it. Very cheap, only Rp.500 *funtascheap right? hehehe

What about the taste? It's sweeeeet and fluffier!

I don't know where is putu genuinely come from. Eating putu reminds me to my childhood. When you hear the unique sound of steam coming out of the steamer tool you must be sure that's the putu seller. 

Anyway, putu is a word from Basa Sunda. In Bahasa Indonesia means cucu and in english means grandchild. That's the reason I title this post Putu = Grandchild ;)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Enjoy Every Moment of Life

Arrived office isn't gonna working. I just took some pictures with my office mates. Here are some of the results:

runaway =D

pose all the time

a shoot is never enough

took picture till the sun set

Time is like a river. You can't touch the same water twice because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Just enjoy every moment of life.

Culinary Friday

I experienced dishes from Soto Betawi Bang Udin on Ir H Juanda st. I tasted some menus there. The first and the main is Soto. Soup and satay as my favorite then. Unfortunately no Nasi Goreng and Bakso. These kind of foods remind me to Barrack Obama who said 'Thank you for the bakso, the nasi gowreng, emping, kerupuk, semuanya enak' when he visited Indonesia few months ago. Hehehe

goat satay with soy sauce

Not only bakso and nasi goreng, satay is also recognized and famous for most of Indonesian. Satay is a dish of marinated, skewered and grilled meat and served with sauce. Satay may consist of sliced chicken, goat, beef, fish, rabbit, and other meats. FYI, satay is originated in Java Indonesia and also available almost everywhere in Indonesia. So is in Tasikmalaya.

chicken satay with peanut sauce

I prefer chicken satay than goat satay. More delicious.

looks yummy

you must be wanna taste too

Just wait for another culinary trips. Only on Friday ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Get Married Soon

Me and Teh Rina

Who will get married soon? Me??? 

Of course no! If I will I guess so many guys will be broken heart. Hahaha. Teh Rina in age 23 insyaallah will be married with A Agung, the one she loves and loves her on Friday 11-11-11. Cute date right? Frankly I never meet her husband will be, but I've seen the pictures of him. May her upcoming wedding will make her and (future) family later find the real happiness. Amin.

So what about me? 
Hmm, actually I'm still young and sweet only 18th, I don't have any plan to be married too young. Insyallah when my age is 25 I will have been ready. I think to get married there are so much things to prepare. And the most important thing is about the (future) husband.I really wish for a gentle, responsible, lovable, honesty and kindly true man. 

Whoever still a single fighter, let's pray to get the best soul mate to keep us accompanied for whole life. Bismillah..


Hang out with my office mate, Teh Lisna after work at Waroeng Surabi on Siliwangi st. Frankly, the place really reminds me to somebody that used to take me there =) May Allah always bless him and his family -amin-

These are my favorites. Original surabi and surabi with sausage. I love eating surabi with mayonaise. Sura(bi) and mayo(naise) is such a great combination. So yummy, so tasty :9

Try it! Not really bad for your health =D

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


What we get is a reflection of what we give

Guys, do you believe in 'what we get is a reflection of what we give' ? I do! Very simple examples are: A good behavior we show to the others, others will show you good behavior too. When you smile, the world smile with you. Otherwise, when you show bad attitude, another will do the same.

It's like planting. The fruits we get is the fruits we plant. In positive ways, what we give is like a seed and what we get is the fruits that have seeds more!

Plant the garden of your life with the best seeds. Trust me, It'll produce many many more seeds afterward. Let's more give =)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cover Girl

These are what I made when I have more leisure time today:

To be in a cover magazine shouldn't be a super star. My pictures are being the cover of some magazines I'm wondering of. 

I know it's impossible to be true. That's why I just made it on my own :D

I really can't imagine if I could work in fashion magazine. May be I would be confused to look for idea almost everyday at least every week. May be I'll be proud as my work and creation are known by most of people. I am a journalist right now but I still can't get the pride of it as well.

Hey, I also made baby magazine cover. The model is using picture of my niece, Nat-nat. She's cute and deserve to be cover baby magazine right? 

Which one do you like? =)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby I'm a Rich Man

When you look at your life, the greatest happiness is your family happiness
I do believe that: it will be the great things to show up the happiness especially with family in the future through pictures =) so memorable.

Nat-nat looks sweet wearing this dress
she wants to watch her favorite movie
Nat-nat is drinking milk
Someone said, "I don't care how poor a man is, if she has family, she's rich."
Yes, I'm rich man for having family.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Papa Kua

Reported Waroeng Mie at Garawangi st. They serve more than 150 kind of instant noodles, some are made in Indonesia and some are imported from another countries. Frankly I don't eat instant noodle but I have to eat at least one of the noodles. I choose Papa Kua a noodle from Thailand.The shape is square and when it was boiled, it became rolled and turned into like this. 

when it was boiled, it became rolled

It costs Rp. 10.000. Cheap enough.
The taste? Not bad! I quiet like it. But It's likely too much MSG as the taste is too much tasty *cringe*
I give score 7 from 10. You wanna try?

Saturday, October 15, 2011


It's my day off. Just stayed at home almost all day like I do today is unusual for me. Because I usually spend my day out of home every day as I work for living and for studying. I have day off only biweekly, only on Saturday which I also spend to hang out with my friends. That’s why it’s rare moment if anyone sees me at home before evening. Actually I have some schedules to do but I skipped them all. It’s my want to just stay and enjoy ‘me time’ at home, alone. Nobody disturb.
So what else did I do?

I love to read them all

Beside laptop-ing, eating, sleeping, and watching TV, I reread some my old books.
I don’t have too many books but I’ve read them all. Once, twice, three times until I can’t count how many times I read the book. My favorite book is kind of fiction. Today I read my favorites ‘L’ by Kristy Nelwan and ‘Madre’ by Dee. 

It's been a long time I don't buy any books. Even Madre isn't be bought by me, it's a gift from a friend. I really want to read a book 'Ganti Hati' by Dahlan Iskan. Office has it but so many peeps want to borrow are in queue. 

I have a dream to have my personal library at home later. Hope it could be reality =) 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Never Do This!

can't study well without listening to music =D
Feeling bored at class I just borrow (BORROW!) something to be listened to. And today I asked Rinda to lend me her cell phone. I play list the song I love, sleep study well then.

never miss the moment
I also never miss every moments to be captured. Once more, never do this at home! Just do this at class =D Have fun!

Life isn't Perfect

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

I do realize that life isn't that perfect. But I'm always OK with it. Anyone let's pray for us to be always patient in facing the problems of life =)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gonna be Weird

Very tired today. It's getting hard to take a deep breath. Hope everything would get alright tomorrow. Amin.
After room I just made a little experience with my snaky scarf. Here I am. Looking weird (read:cute) right?

It's not real size
my favorite finger ring watch

Mom and Dad are out of home. I stay with my relative this night. 
I've felt sleepy. Time to swim in the deep sea.. of blanket =)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wild.. Wild.. Snaky Scarf

I have so many troubles not posting anything lately. Beside I'm getting busier with all my responsibilities, the connection at home is bad sometimes. In this post I'll share about fashion. Actually I'm inspired to take picture about my daily fashion. Doesn't mean to be a fashion blogger which appear nowadays. Just interest and wanna share to the world that I'm here, exist. But unfortunately I really don't have any time to dress up nicely. Hope one day I could =) 

Favorite one!

I do love this chiffon snake motive scarf I bought when was Ramadan month. So wild. It costs Rp. 20000 per meters and my scarf didn't reach even one meter. So I just paid about Rp. 12000. Very cheap right?

The fun fact is I don't buy and wear branded fashion.
That's it for today
Lisan Kyrana

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cirahong Railway Bridge

Actually this picture was taken on Saturday when I reported to Ciamis. On the way office, I turned left to Manonjaya and passed the gate. I'm incredibly busy lately. Being journalist is really tiring sometimes =D But I always always try to enjoy till upcoming two years!
Just wait and see what happen next.

PS: I wanna say my deepest condolence to Steve Jobs. Rest in Peace.
Better late than never right? =D

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ime and The Dusty Guitar

Ima pluck the strings

At my sister's home, there's an old and dusty guitar right at my niece's room. Frankly I can't play it at all. So my niece and I just pluck string the way we want. No melody created, abstract only. Like what Ima did.

she keeps plucking even the melody is going abstract

Ima is a cute girl. Her curiosity is high, including to this guitar. May be she wanted to play it but unfortunately she can't. She was playing while singing an unclear song. Moreover she's still lisp.

set the tuning machine
After plucking strings she felt the tone is false, she then tried to set the tuning machine. Whereas she doesn't know anything about guitar. Ya she always want to know everything =P
The strings are getting looser. She doesn't know what to do. Just stayed behind the guitar and smile at me. 

Me and Ime