Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting Closer

Death can come for us anytime. No matter we are old or young, sick or healthy, ready or not. Many people died suddenly while they are still have so much business of life. Like what happen to my friend who's died a few days ago. She's only 18 and still study in university. I don't know clearly what happen exactly with her. Very unexpected.

It's me after praying, then looking out the window as the sun shine's glowing

As I don't know when I'll be die, I keep trying to be a better person who always get closer to Allah. I want my death Khusnul Khotimah. Amin.

By the way.. This is what I wrote when last Ramadhan Month. A reminder for all of us :)

Lailatul Qadr VS Mid Night Sale

I was just back home after spending half of my day out of home. Begin with practiced violin, dropped by my sis’ home and played with my niece, also reported breaking fast together of Majelis Taklim Community (It’s my holiday though).
While waiting for the adzan magrib, Ustadz told about lailatul qodr which falls on one of the last 10 night in Ramadan month. I have known better that lailatul qodr is better than 1001 nights. It’s recommended that all Muslim get closer and more stand in prayer to Allah. One who misses this blessed night has missed much good. So It’s just about our willing to optimize time as good as possible to reach the excellence of that special night.

On the way back home, I was trapped in traffic exactly in HZ Mustafa street. All kind of vehicles fulfill the street. What a noisy and crowded. But, it just reminded me that the biggest Plaza in Tasikmalaya is holding mid night sale. When I was stuck in traffic, there were so much thoughts coming up on my mind. The phenomenon is really in contradiction with the moment of Lailatul Qodr guess to be.

Well, it is the 10 last night in Ramadan and so many people choose to shop many things in mid night sale. I don’t judge that they are wrong because of choosing what they want (shopping, hang out, etc). But I deplore it as well.

Mmm, I think that if we still have so much items to wear at home it’s not too important to buy ‘everything’ lead us to be consumptive. Just buy what we need, not what we desire. Ya, as human being I also have this ‘passion for fashion’. Moreover, idul fitri is getting nearer and tend with new clothes. So mid night shopping is a reason that way. But my mind quit from paradigm that ‘Idul Fitri should wear NEW clothes’.

Hey guys, you can notice the poor and the rich man are more contrast in our city. Don’t you think to set aside a lil money of your idul fitri budget for them who is really need it? I’m not an angel. I sometimes forget it. But this time, I remind you to do it. That’s what a friend are for right, to remind each other?

For you guys who has bought so much things especially clothes for idul fitri.. Are you big hearted to give some for them and only have one cloth? Other recommendation is to give old clothes and renew your wardrobe with all you have bought. So it will be fair. Hard to do but it’s nice and bring happiness afterwards.

Sharing and caring each other make us happy and delightful (trust me!). More than when you buy a new thing. What we give may be little but in sincere, Allah will appreciate it at all. Just do it from now on and begin to shop in your own cupboard. Never wait to be a rich man to share. Let’s seek the mysterious Lailatul Qodr and the big reward will await ;) Insyaallah..

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