Friday, October 7, 2011

Ime and The Dusty Guitar

Ima pluck the strings

At my sister's home, there's an old and dusty guitar right at my niece's room. Frankly I can't play it at all. So my niece and I just pluck string the way we want. No melody created, abstract only. Like what Ima did.

she keeps plucking even the melody is going abstract

Ima is a cute girl. Her curiosity is high, including to this guitar. May be she wanted to play it but unfortunately she can't. She was playing while singing an unclear song. Moreover she's still lisp.

set the tuning machine
After plucking strings she felt the tone is false, she then tried to set the tuning machine. Whereas she doesn't know anything about guitar. Ya she always want to know everything =P
The strings are getting looser. She doesn't know what to do. Just stayed behind the guitar and smile at me. 

Me and Ime

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