Sunday, October 23, 2011

Putu = Grandchild

Still remember this food? It's putu. Kind of Indonesian traditional cake that contains palm sugar and grated coconut, wrapped in steamed rice flour. It's rarely found today but fortunately when I was at my sister's house the putu seller passed over. So I decided to buy it. Very cheap, only Rp.500 *funtascheap right? hehehe

What about the taste? It's sweeeeet and fluffier!

I don't know where is putu genuinely come from. Eating putu reminds me to my childhood. When you hear the unique sound of steam coming out of the steamer tool you must be sure that's the putu seller. 

Anyway, putu is a word from Basa Sunda. In Bahasa Indonesia means cucu and in english means grandchild. That's the reason I title this post Putu = Grandchild ;)

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