Friday, October 7, 2011

Red is Fresh

I'm tired of the same old unhealthy choices of foods or meals. Bad foods can affect so much to our health. Even I really feel more bad foods, more acne. And having acne is like a nightmare for me. So, in order to keep my body health (read: and keep away from acne), I try to implement a healthy life style =) 

Anyway, the picture above is jelly. Looks like watermelon right? 
That's one of meals I eat almost everyday. Better than eating something fried. I'm aware that being healthy is expensive. I avoid to get sick before it's too late. Hope you do the same guys =)

I show the Jelly

I also get to drink 2 liters water daily. Hey, my facial skin looks brighter. Perhaps nobody realize it but at least my body is more fit. I've made commitment to my self to establish healthy lifestyle choices. I am choosy to select food I would eat.

Bismillah =)

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