Saturday, October 15, 2011


It's my day off. Just stayed at home almost all day like I do today is unusual for me. Because I usually spend my day out of home every day as I work for living and for studying. I have day off only biweekly, only on Saturday which I also spend to hang out with my friends. That’s why it’s rare moment if anyone sees me at home before evening. Actually I have some schedules to do but I skipped them all. It’s my want to just stay and enjoy ‘me time’ at home, alone. Nobody disturb.
So what else did I do?

I love to read them all

Beside laptop-ing, eating, sleeping, and watching TV, I reread some my old books.
I don’t have too many books but I’ve read them all. Once, twice, three times until I can’t count how many times I read the book. My favorite book is kind of fiction. Today I read my favorites ‘L’ by Kristy Nelwan and ‘Madre’ by Dee. 

It's been a long time I don't buy any books. Even Madre isn't be bought by me, it's a gift from a friend. I really want to read a book 'Ganti Hati' by Dahlan Iskan. Office has it but so many peeps want to borrow are in queue. 

I have a dream to have my personal library at home later. Hope it could be reality =) 

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