Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Seriously We're not Serious

It's a typical Wednesday as I have Information Management class. Sitting in the corner in the classroom (the only left seat I got because was coming late) made me free to do anything I want to. hehehe. Ya, I'm not kind of serious scholar who always take attention to the lecturer. Feeling bored, I just took pictures of the situations around me.

Me and Ratna

I'm sorry for bad result because I took this pic without blitz. Yeaah you know it's class, impossible to use blitz unless I'll be the spotlight.

Seriously, she's not doing any assignments. She's just browsing even facebooking. Trust me =D
Ratna (pink) was seriously face booking. She can open the face book using trick whereas it's blocked actually.

sending-replying SMS

I snap her playing cell phone ;)

That's the way we are! I think we should have time to have fun at class once.
PS: Don't do this at home, Just do this at class ;)

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