Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wild.. Wild.. Snaky Scarf

I have so many troubles not posting anything lately. Beside I'm getting busier with all my responsibilities, the connection at home is bad sometimes. In this post I'll share about fashion. Actually I'm inspired to take picture about my daily fashion. Doesn't mean to be a fashion blogger which appear nowadays. Just interest and wanna share to the world that I'm here, exist. But unfortunately I really don't have any time to dress up nicely. Hope one day I could =) 

Favorite one!

I do love this chiffon snake motive scarf I bought when was Ramadan month. So wild. It costs Rp. 20000 per meters and my scarf didn't reach even one meter. So I just paid about Rp. 12000. Very cheap right?

The fun fact is I don't buy and wear branded fashion.
That's it for today
Lisan Kyrana

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