Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Let's Move On!

Crying doesn't indicate that you're weak. Since birth, it has always been a sign that you're alive.

Never think the others are happier than us. Feel that we are the happiest one in the world.
-Lisan Kyrana-

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Afternoon Tea

Having a cup of tea at Agung Cafetaria at 2 PM. Felt just like having afternoon tea, the custom originated in England, one of my wanna be there places. It's quite unique as the tea was served in tea pot made of clay. There's lump sugar for addition. I can say it's such a nice meal while hang out.

Tea and lump sugar
Nasi timbel and friends
I also had a chance to taste nasi timbel, rice which is wrapped by banana leafs. It's one of Sundanese dishes served with fried chicken, tempe, tofu, and some fresh vegetables such as tomato and cucumber. All these will be perfect with sambal goang (chili grinded together with other ingredients)

Try this and say Bon Appetite!

Love This Quote

Awesome man doesn't make his girlfriend jealous because of another woman, but makes another woman jealous of his girlfriend.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Something Memorable

Dear my children whenever you are now.. I wanna tell you something about my past. I think it's worth to read to get the knowledge of it.

This date, three years ago was my historical day. That's the first time I really felt in love with a boy and making relationship. There's nothing so sweet in life as that love. I and him made dreams to grow up together till we're old. He's like a special gift from God to me. Words of love was my daily sentence. I love you, I miss you, and it's like I'm flying high. Even we had plans to get married later, have children and raise them up together. He's so protective but I love the way he treated me so. I love him just the way he is. Feels like that the world is ours.

But my first love's not gonna be ever lasting. All the dreams may never come true. I couldn't have children with him. We both decided to separate each other and live the life without our love almost one year ago. Moreover we had long distance relationship, Tasik-Bandung and only met every 3 months. So heart breaking at first indeed but I should keep moving on. I cried over him almost every night. I really felt lost. He's best friend ever so far.

From this memorable experiences, I had lots of knowledge to learn more. If you decide to fall in love with a man, you have yo be ready to get all the risks including broken heart. I promised if you asked me what the meaning of it, I'd try to explain. I want you all get the best man, someone you love and love you endlessly. Hope your dad later would be the same with my wish.

I miss you all =)

Please pray for me, sweethearts =)
I miss you like I do. Can't wait to see you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Everybody's Friend

I can say that I'm kind of a girl who's friendly to almost everyone. I'm easy to adapt and blend with all people in my social life. Even I sometimes talk to strangers I met anywhere. That's the way I am because I think I was born to be everybody's friend.

Having fruit soup

Like what I did today. I hang out with three guys without my female friends. So I'm the only one girl in the gank. We had lunch at Asjap and talked so much things. Here are the three guys I join with:

Just feel free to friend me, peeps =)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This is not Syahrini

I reported beauty class with The Bhayangkari Ladies (The wife organization of polices) so I was forced (actually) to do make up by chief of Bhayangkari, Mrs Reni Gupuh Setiyono. I said yes just for having fun, improving my make up skill =D

It's not using demonstration concept, but the attender should apply make up by themselves. Including me. Here's the result.

So WOW dramatic right? But I hope you never think it's as dramatic as Syahrini =)

Actually I don't like grooming much. It's too complicated and not show the natural beauty. Make up is only a mask. If I have any options, I prefer my face without make up. But only once in a while is not big deal.

keep smiling
love this one!
The beauty map
Using fake eyelashes is heavy! Anyway, I don't understand how come Syahrini feels comfort with it. Looking great indeed, but it's too much and I am not confident like she is.


Monday, November 21, 2011

If I were a Mother

Wondering being a Mom =D
I visited my cousin who's just giving birth this morning. She's officially a mother of a cute baby boy. Well, well, well some may ask when I'd get married. Frankly as I ever told on previous post I'm really not excited for having husband in any young age. I'm still teenager, 18 years old. I do hope my soul mate would come with a ring when I were about 25.

A baby boy of my cousin
But being a mother sometimes cross on my mind. I keep asking how if I were pregnant? giving birth? were a mother one day? would I be a good parent for my children later? Lucky me, I had enough experiences in realizing and recognizing the reality of being parent. Some say it's complicated, some say it's nice, amazing, and memorable. I don't know how it could be If I were a mother!

One thing I'd do is making my children proud and lucky for having me as their Mom. I'd love you unconditionally, I'd teach them what I learned, I'd teach them to be honest and gentleman, to be strong in facing life, to be responsible, to be wonderful man, to be helpful and grateful. I'd love you just the way you are.

I'd be responsible parent, giving them shelter, let them know that they could run to me whenever they lost their way. I do miss you and can't wait to see you, sweethearts =)

PS: This post especially for you who would come to the world through me, one day. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cute Bald Girl

It may surprise you for finding my niece is bald. Yes, she's cute Nat-nat and now a bald girl. Here she is when having hair and not having hair:

which one fo you like?
the mirror never lies
Her Mom told me the reason Nat-nat became bald as she felt discomfort with his hair. The sweat made her scalp itchy. So this is the new Nat-nat. Have a nice bald moment, sweety =D

Forever Young

Saturday is my day off, it's only biweekly. Crazy right? That's the risk of working for media. By the way, I felt kinda disappointed with the system of boss for disturbing his employee to stay working on day off like I did yesterday. That's the long-awaited vacation actually but I should take a part in reporting for special coverage. It's about people who reached more than 100 years age.

With fake-exciting face I said yes. Don't you know, I even decided to skip class in order to get best preparation as I was trusted to prettify the main source, an 108 years old grandma named Mak Engkin.

There are some thingies that made me really disappointed and just wanna run away from responsibility. 
  • The habit of being not punctual. They (the journalists in charge) told me to get ready at 10. I'm superbly ready half an hour before but they came at 10 more than 30 minutes. So bad.
  • We have clothes sponsor from an outlet. Unfortunately all that can be borrowed are T-SHIRT! Hover, I was having imagination to dress up Mak Engkin well, younger, even dramatic with some cocktail dresses. Well, it drove me to be more creative in mixing the style.
  • The condition of the road to get the Mak Engkin's home was making me tired and wanna stop the job. Holes are there and here, rocky road. It's so down town.
  • Arriving there, I quickly had action to make the aged lady wonderful. But when it's even not started, one of them told me to not make up too much. Finally I only sweep lipstick on her lips. Imagine! From home I brought so many make up tools. Blush on, eye shadows, eye brow, mascara, moisturizer, foundation, even nail polish, all are NOT used!
No big deal. I'm OK with it =) Thank you very MUCH for that great experience people!

I'm kind of a girl who always try to see something in every points of view. I also thought it positively as I had a rare experience:
  • This is from Mak Engkin that if we wanna have long age, just take a bath in the early morning, about 4 AM, everyday.
  • Don't eat too much foods with chemicals such as junk food or anything contains more MSG.

Mak Engkin (middle) was teary-happy for having us as her guests
Anyway, I try Mak Engkin's suggestion to take a bath early in the morning. Today I did at 5 beside I used to do it at 7. So fresh but.. still, I felt sleepy afterward. Hoaaahm, that's very hard to do. 

PS: One thing I want is to be Forever Young. My age may be getting older, but not my thought and appearance. Hope so =)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Eating to Live or Living to Eat?

The days come and go so fast. But thank God It's been Friday as my favorite day to report. Why? You must know the answer: It's time to have culinary trip. Yaaay! Today I was reporting to the 3 different places. Saung Puri, Cepi Ayam Tulang Lunak (Frenchise), and Kedai Madu. More places, more people, more friends, more knowledges.

The culinary trips begin at 11 AM. That's not the time to have lunch indeed, but brunch (breakfast-lunch). The meal is also should be easy-to-eat foods but yea.. I finally should eat fried chicken. Lucky me, the meat is so smooth and soft, surprisingly its bone is also can be eaten as the texture is not quiet different from the meat. 

Anyway guys, you must ever heard about the sentence 'Eating to Live or Living to Eat' right? Which one are you? 

Well then, I choose 'Eating to Live' as I do realize that without eating I will be hungry, starving and slowly dying *Ya I know it's such a bad and 'what the' answer*

The primary reason of eating is to get energy to do activities in life. The matter is stomach, not tongue. The one who eat to live will be only eating when he's hungry and If the one says 'Living to Eat' means the purpose of the life is just to eat, eat, and eat.

Well, my explanation may be too complicated. The point is, I have to say that 'Eating to Live' is a humanism and 'Living to Eat' is just like animal. Mr. Dadan (big boss) said Living to Eat is like Arwana a few days ago. He kept noticing to the Arwana in aquarium which is only swimming-here-swimming-there and open-close the mouth, eating. See? Arwana is living to eat. Don't be like arwana guys =D

Fruit juices with honey in mixing

As I'm in the 'Eating to Live' side, means having food when I'm hungry. Just to recharge energy to still live, to survive, to do my NEVER ENDING activities. Busy, hard work, and deadline are mixing great. 

Well, well, well.. Not to be serious reading this post, peeps =D

Monday, November 14, 2011

Honey Pie

Yesterday I met Mrs. Yani Fachmi to report her home cooking business at her house, Perum Griya Mitra Batik. She's really doing great in making pastries. Pie, enclair, risoles, and many more! Here is the picture of fruit pie made by Mrs Yani. I had a chance to taste it and really in love. The combination of dough casing, chocolate, and fruits are mixing well. So fresh and yummy. It's such a good dessert to keep you accompanied while having leisure time;)

Fruit pie
Gurandil by My Mom

Gurandil is a traditional dish made from rice flour batter and starch. It's usually served with sprinkling grated coconut and also granulated sugar. So chewy. Just like pie, gurandil is also commonly served as dessert. 

This gurandil was made by Mom. She's also doing great in cooking. Nothing's gonna change my love to Mom and also her cooking =)

PS: Some of you may be asking why the tittle is Honey Pie? No correlation indeed. Honey Pie is just a Beatle's Song and I love its unique music =D

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fun Facts

  • As a child.. spoiled and loved to shop clothes. I still remember that I shopped almost once a week with Mom. Now I prefer save money more than shopping.
  • In three words, I am.. labile, don't like to complain, and selective in choosing a boyfriend. I only have one ex and I'm single now.
  • My mood right now.. discomfort. The whole family keep yelling out supporting Indonesia in football competition. They are too dramatic.
  • My best trait.. large and open minded.
  • And worst.. ill-tempered.
  • I wish, I could.. have blue eyes. 
  • The loves of my life.. my family especially my Mom.
  • Religion has thought me.. to love Allah above of all.
  • Favorite place.. Malioboro street in Jogjakarta. I ever been in love for the first time with a man there.
  • Favorite food.. everything but junk food.
  • And music.. depends on the situation. I'm actually a beatle maniac, but now I love to listen to Westlife's songs as I'm in the mood for love lately. So romantic.
  • And film.. love, drama, comedy. I love The Time Traveler's Wife. Horror? No thank's.
  • Biggest wish.. Mark Feehily is not a gay and being my boy friend.
  • The most attractive thing about a man.. smart, pearl smile, good attitude, good smell, romantic.
  • People would be surprised to know.. I'm a lazier one. Get up at 5 to have a subuh prayer and then back to the bed, continue swimming in the deep sea of blanket till 6-7 AM.
  • My choice of three special people to eat dinner with.. Mark Feehily for his genuine and cool smile, Eric Bana a handsome man, and Barrack Obama to eat bakso together. 
  • People I would really like to interview, living or dead.. Adam Sandler, where he is learning to be a gorgeous comedian actor.
  • If I interviewed my self, I would ask.. when will you get married? I don't know the answer. Only God knows..
  • Describe your man's criteria.. smart, lovable, honest, responsible, gentle, romantic, handsome, rich.
  • Favorite sentence.. You don't have to change a thing. I love you just the way you are. Hope my soul mate later would tell me so. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Many people are getting married and giving birth yesterday, 11st November 2011 or 11-11-11. Including my bestie, Teh Rina as I had told in the previous-previous-previous post. She's finally a wife. Good luck and happy a new life sista =)

le-ri: Eno, Teh Lisna, A Agung, Teh Rina, Me, Teh Lilis
Me, Teh Tina, Teh Lisna
11-11-11 is such a special and beautiful date. I know the reason why they decided to have a big moment on that triple 11. As Teh Rina said to me that the date would be memorable and wish to be a lucky date. 

Actually, I'm also excited about that day. It's such a miracle number, when we add up the two last number of the year we born and our age this year, the result would be 111. I was born on May 9th 1993 and my age now is 18. So: 93+18 = 111. What about yours?

I'm still searching and looking for the meaning of 11, so curious. One thing I know that 11 means number 1 of number 1, the best of the best. What a mysterious..

Friday, November 11, 2011

Eating With Love

Yesterday I was having lunch at Warung Nasi Hidayah and got a plate of grilled chicken. It's served with various vegetables and also sambals. Sambal ijo and sambal terasi, the kind of Sundanese ketchup.  

a plate of grilled chicken

In the hot afternoon I also have a chance to taste durian ice at Kantin Sakinah. Soft and sweeeeeet. It makes me in love. What about the price? It's only Rp. 12000.

too yummy
Many people may don't like durian as its flavor is too sharp. But I really do love to eat durian much. I never say no to durian. So is durian ice which is blended with milk and blocked ice. It's too yummy to eat.

Nothing's gonna change my love for durian =D

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Romance is in The Air

Making play list in random I'm suddenly listening to a familiar mellow song. Then found out the tittle is 'Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You' by Westlife. I tried to listen another such as 'My Love', 'When You Tell Me That You Love Me' and suddenly in looooove, gonna set them in my play list. Listening to all that romantic songs I feel like romance is in the air :P          

A Guiding Star

 Shining like a candle in the dark
I wanna hold you close, under the rain

Here is my favorite part of lyric of 'Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You' song:

Nothing's gonna change my love for you
You ought to know by now how much I love you
One thing you can be sure of
I'll never ask for more than your love

Too sweeeeeeet. Wish someone sing this song for me, LOL.
Someday I would ask whoever *he is!
Frankly I just find my self being extremely lebaaaaaaaaaaaaaay like tonight. Whatever, it's only once in a while, right?

The one who's in love.. with a romantic song :P 
*my soul mate

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spirit of GPA 4

Today I took mid-term test in third semester. I suddenly was an early bird as I arrived campus at 7.30 and actually the test conducted at 10.00 =D No big deal! Too early is better than too late right? My spirit to get and be the best is ON FIRE.

Shoot picture? Teteeeeuuup!

ri-le: Eka, me, and.. who's the one who hide her face???

photographer: my 8 years old niece

4 subjects left. Some will be conducted tomorrow and some will be on Saturday. Wish me luck in gaining 4 for Grade Point Average (GPA) please.. Hope all your best wishes for me come true =)
That's all the posting today. I'll continue my study. Visual Basic wait for tomorrow!

Byeeeee *smooch*

Monday, November 7, 2011


One of my favorite properties when taking pictures: Glasses

what do you think? =D
I use toy glasses. Yes it's silly

By the way, I made a quote today. I thought about it when my Mom told me that she wants to eat mango. I couldn't buy her at that time because of some reasons. Then this sentence just came out from my mind, inspired by John F Kennedy's quote.
Don't ask what your parent can do for you, Just ask what you can do for your parent! (Lisan Kyrana Quote) 
Don't ask what your country can do for you, Just ask what you can do for your country! (John F Kennedy's Quote)
Ya I know, My quote is definitely delivered to me =D
I do promise I'll make Mom and Dad always happy for having me as their child. Insyaallah..

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grandma's Daughter

It's been two nights Ime stays at my Mom a.k.a her Grandma's home. She slept in my bedroom together with me. Thankfully she's not fussy and spoiled. She's behaving good so far and can adapt to the environment well. 

Ima loves ice cream very much

To cheer her up, I bought her some ice creams she loves much! Walls rainbow =D This night is the last night she sleeps here. Tomorrow her Dad will pick her up for school. 

Sssst.. she's sleeping right now. I say nothing beats an innocent face of kids especially when they're sleeping like Ime here. 


Happy Eid Adha Mubarak!

Usually, the preparation of Eid Adha is not as busy as Eid Fitri indeed. But right in my home it's actually going that Eid Adha should be celebrated. Some relatives from out of town came home. So Mom prepared enough foods.

Ketupat and friends

Sauteed shrimp

Chicken soto

But foods are not the matter. The most important is we should get lessons from this festival sacrifice. Here are the moral lessons of Eid Adha I got:
  • Care to share with others especially those who are suffering. 
  • Sincere in sacrificing our little material.
  • Realizing that our money, all our treasure are belongs to Allah 
Eid Adha is only a celebration and a symbol in a day. Our task is just to consistently do everything good. Consistent means istiqomah, we are always in the right line in order to get closer to Allah. I wish you all happy Eid Adha Mubarak. Let's more care and sincere =)

Hellow Yellow

Hellow! How's life in this rainy season my fellow? I wish the cold weather won't make you feel mellow. Never mind, just wear something yellow like I did =P

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Prayer Inside My Heart

I attended the seminar a few weeks ago in hall of Hotel Santika. I just want to share and.. tell (read: pray) something! It's the seminar told about Maturation age of Marriage (Pendewasaan Usia Perkawinan) which Mrs. Netty Heryawan (governor's wife) became one of the sources.

at Hotel Santika

The point is don't get married too young and if you decide to get married in young age, as much as possible to delay in pregnancy. This campaign is one of Government's efforts to suppress the population in Indonesia especially in West Java.

Ya, I am the 18 years old girl really agreeeeee! I really wanna have so much experiences as a single woman till I get married with a mature man. Later I wanna have husband, children, family which are good in quality (The detail of husband criteria was in the previous post). Hehehe

Hope it all comes true. Amin..


Hai-hai-haaaaai !
As I said in the last-last posting, every Friday is time to get culinary trip. Last Friday actually I report kinda Indonesian food, gulai, but I don't post it because the pictures are accidentally deleted =(

Well, my destination this week is M Cafe which is at Mayasari Plaza Foodcourt. The first impression is comfortable ambiance. Another tenant use dining chair, but M Cafe use single couch. It's so homy.

So how about the menu? Spaghetti, burger, steak may can be found everywhere. But right in M Cafe are all friendly with 'student pocket' a.k.a very cheap! Nothing more than Rp. 20000! I ate beef steak fried which is only Rp. 12000 and spaghetti only Rp.9000 =D But of course the taste is not so bad. Yummilicious!

Beef steak fried with vegetables and french fries
spaghetti bolognese and grated cheese
mango juice and strawberry float (Ichi Bento)
soto jogja

Soto jogja is not in M Cafe. It's sold in Soto Sapi Pak Fai on BKR st. It's kind of soto which is different from another. It's not mixed with coconut milk (santan) so this soto look clearer than the others. It's differently mix sprouts and sliced cabbages in. The taste? Very tasteful because the chef use original beef broth.

See you next Friday =)