Saturday, November 12, 2011


Many people are getting married and giving birth yesterday, 11st November 2011 or 11-11-11. Including my bestie, Teh Rina as I had told in the previous-previous-previous post. She's finally a wife. Good luck and happy a new life sista =)

le-ri: Eno, Teh Lisna, A Agung, Teh Rina, Me, Teh Lilis
Me, Teh Tina, Teh Lisna
11-11-11 is such a special and beautiful date. I know the reason why they decided to have a big moment on that triple 11. As Teh Rina said to me that the date would be memorable and wish to be a lucky date. 

Actually, I'm also excited about that day. It's such a miracle number, when we add up the two last number of the year we born and our age this year, the result would be 111. I was born on May 9th 1993 and my age now is 18. So: 93+18 = 111. What about yours?

I'm still searching and looking for the meaning of 11, so curious. One thing I know that 11 means number 1 of number 1, the best of the best. What a mysterious..

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