Friday, November 18, 2011

Eating to Live or Living to Eat?

The days come and go so fast. But thank God It's been Friday as my favorite day to report. Why? You must know the answer: It's time to have culinary trip. Yaaay! Today I was reporting to the 3 different places. Saung Puri, Cepi Ayam Tulang Lunak (Frenchise), and Kedai Madu. More places, more people, more friends, more knowledges.

The culinary trips begin at 11 AM. That's not the time to have lunch indeed, but brunch (breakfast-lunch). The meal is also should be easy-to-eat foods but yea.. I finally should eat fried chicken. Lucky me, the meat is so smooth and soft, surprisingly its bone is also can be eaten as the texture is not quiet different from the meat. 

Anyway guys, you must ever heard about the sentence 'Eating to Live or Living to Eat' right? Which one are you? 

Well then, I choose 'Eating to Live' as I do realize that without eating I will be hungry, starving and slowly dying *Ya I know it's such a bad and 'what the' answer*

The primary reason of eating is to get energy to do activities in life. The matter is stomach, not tongue. The one who eat to live will be only eating when he's hungry and If the one says 'Living to Eat' means the purpose of the life is just to eat, eat, and eat.

Well, my explanation may be too complicated. The point is, I have to say that 'Eating to Live' is a humanism and 'Living to Eat' is just like animal. Mr. Dadan (big boss) said Living to Eat is like Arwana a few days ago. He kept noticing to the Arwana in aquarium which is only swimming-here-swimming-there and open-close the mouth, eating. See? Arwana is living to eat. Don't be like arwana guys =D

Fruit juices with honey in mixing

As I'm in the 'Eating to Live' side, means having food when I'm hungry. Just to recharge energy to still live, to survive, to do my NEVER ENDING activities. Busy, hard work, and deadline are mixing great. 

Well, well, well.. Not to be serious reading this post, peeps =D

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