Friday, November 11, 2011

Eating With Love

Yesterday I was having lunch at Warung Nasi Hidayah and got a plate of grilled chicken. It's served with various vegetables and also sambals. Sambal ijo and sambal terasi, the kind of Sundanese ketchup.  

a plate of grilled chicken

In the hot afternoon I also have a chance to taste durian ice at Kantin Sakinah. Soft and sweeeeeet. It makes me in love. What about the price? It's only Rp. 12000.

too yummy
Many people may don't like durian as its flavor is too sharp. But I really do love to eat durian much. I never say no to durian. So is durian ice which is blended with milk and blocked ice. It's too yummy to eat.

Nothing's gonna change my love for durian =D

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