Sunday, November 20, 2011

Forever Young

Saturday is my day off, it's only biweekly. Crazy right? That's the risk of working for media. By the way, I felt kinda disappointed with the system of boss for disturbing his employee to stay working on day off like I did yesterday. That's the long-awaited vacation actually but I should take a part in reporting for special coverage. It's about people who reached more than 100 years age.

With fake-exciting face I said yes. Don't you know, I even decided to skip class in order to get best preparation as I was trusted to prettify the main source, an 108 years old grandma named Mak Engkin.

There are some thingies that made me really disappointed and just wanna run away from responsibility. 
  • The habit of being not punctual. They (the journalists in charge) told me to get ready at 10. I'm superbly ready half an hour before but they came at 10 more than 30 minutes. So bad.
  • We have clothes sponsor from an outlet. Unfortunately all that can be borrowed are T-SHIRT! Hover, I was having imagination to dress up Mak Engkin well, younger, even dramatic with some cocktail dresses. Well, it drove me to be more creative in mixing the style.
  • The condition of the road to get the Mak Engkin's home was making me tired and wanna stop the job. Holes are there and here, rocky road. It's so down town.
  • Arriving there, I quickly had action to make the aged lady wonderful. But when it's even not started, one of them told me to not make up too much. Finally I only sweep lipstick on her lips. Imagine! From home I brought so many make up tools. Blush on, eye shadows, eye brow, mascara, moisturizer, foundation, even nail polish, all are NOT used!
No big deal. I'm OK with it =) Thank you very MUCH for that great experience people!

I'm kind of a girl who always try to see something in every points of view. I also thought it positively as I had a rare experience:
  • This is from Mak Engkin that if we wanna have long age, just take a bath in the early morning, about 4 AM, everyday.
  • Don't eat too much foods with chemicals such as junk food or anything contains more MSG.

Mak Engkin (middle) was teary-happy for having us as her guests
Anyway, I try Mak Engkin's suggestion to take a bath early in the morning. Today I did at 5 beside I used to do it at 7. So fresh but.. still, I felt sleepy afterward. Hoaaahm, that's very hard to do. 

PS: One thing I want is to be Forever Young. My age may be getting older, but not my thought and appearance. Hope so =)


  1. Well...It is not that hard to "feel" young,huh... ;)
    itu foto-foto yang awal, Mak Engkin sewaktu muda yaa?
    apa cucunya? :D

  2. hahahaaa.. Akui aja kalau aku emang cantik dan aa ngefans :D