Monday, November 14, 2011

Honey Pie

Yesterday I met Mrs. Yani Fachmi to report her home cooking business at her house, Perum Griya Mitra Batik. She's really doing great in making pastries. Pie, enclair, risoles, and many more! Here is the picture of fruit pie made by Mrs Yani. I had a chance to taste it and really in love. The combination of dough casing, chocolate, and fruits are mixing well. So fresh and yummy. It's such a good dessert to keep you accompanied while having leisure time;)

Fruit pie
Gurandil by My Mom

Gurandil is a traditional dish made from rice flour batter and starch. It's usually served with sprinkling grated coconut and also granulated sugar. So chewy. Just like pie, gurandil is also commonly served as dessert. 

This gurandil was made by Mom. She's also doing great in cooking. Nothing's gonna change my love to Mom and also her cooking =)

PS: Some of you may be asking why the tittle is Honey Pie? No correlation indeed. Honey Pie is just a Beatle's Song and I love its unique music =D

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