Monday, November 21, 2011

If I were a Mother

Wondering being a Mom =D
I visited my cousin who's just giving birth this morning. She's officially a mother of a cute baby boy. Well, well, well some may ask when I'd get married. Frankly as I ever told on previous post I'm really not excited for having husband in any young age. I'm still teenager, 18 years old. I do hope my soul mate would come with a ring when I were about 25.

A baby boy of my cousin
But being a mother sometimes cross on my mind. I keep asking how if I were pregnant? giving birth? were a mother one day? would I be a good parent for my children later? Lucky me, I had enough experiences in realizing and recognizing the reality of being parent. Some say it's complicated, some say it's nice, amazing, and memorable. I don't know how it could be If I were a mother!

One thing I'd do is making my children proud and lucky for having me as their Mom. I'd love you unconditionally, I'd teach them what I learned, I'd teach them to be honest and gentleman, to be strong in facing life, to be responsible, to be wonderful man, to be helpful and grateful. I'd love you just the way you are.

I'd be responsible parent, giving them shelter, let them know that they could run to me whenever they lost their way. I do miss you and can't wait to see you, sweethearts =)

PS: This post especially for you who would come to the world through me, one day. 

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