Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shocking Pink and A Slice of Life

I took the pictures of me in the mirror inside my hexagonal jewel box. You may say I'm silly but I think it's fun!

peek a boo!
I'm very grateful for being consistent in blogging. Everyday I take pictures, I get brainstorming what should I write, and how to make the blog interesting and everyone wants to read it. Alhamdulillah I really appreciate for those who kindly read my blog. You guys, make me feel that I belong. It's an honor for me =)

For me, memories of the past are very valuable. It should be documented to be remembered in the future. I want my husband, my children, even my grandchildren later read this post. They don't witness my youth life but they can see me right here, through blog. 

I always ask God to bless me a happy and welfare family later. Having a kind-smart-handsome-rich husband, some cute-smart kids are my great wishes for future. I hope so Ya Allah..

Well, May be it's still long to get there. Moreover I'm still 18 =) I still focus on career as a journalist and lecture. Bismillah.. I never stop hoping my every single step will always make YOU pleasure, Allah.. I do L.O.V.E You =)

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