Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spirit of GPA 4

Today I took mid-term test in third semester. I suddenly was an early bird as I arrived campus at 7.30 and actually the test conducted at 10.00 =D No big deal! Too early is better than too late right? My spirit to get and be the best is ON FIRE.

Shoot picture? Teteeeeuuup!

ri-le: Eka, me, and.. who's the one who hide her face???

photographer: my 8 years old niece

4 subjects left. Some will be conducted tomorrow and some will be on Saturday. Wish me luck in gaining 4 for Grade Point Average (GPA) please.. Hope all your best wishes for me come true =)
That's all the posting today. I'll continue my study. Visual Basic wait for tomorrow!

Byeeeee *smooch*

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