Friday, November 4, 2011

A Prayer Inside My Heart

I attended the seminar a few weeks ago in hall of Hotel Santika. I just want to share and.. tell (read: pray) something! It's the seminar told about Maturation age of Marriage (Pendewasaan Usia Perkawinan) which Mrs. Netty Heryawan (governor's wife) became one of the sources.

at Hotel Santika

The point is don't get married too young and if you decide to get married in young age, as much as possible to delay in pregnancy. This campaign is one of Government's efforts to suppress the population in Indonesia especially in West Java.

Ya, I am the 18 years old girl really agreeeeee! I really wanna have so much experiences as a single woman till I get married with a mature man. Later I wanna have husband, children, family which are good in quality (The detail of husband criteria was in the previous post). Hehehe

Hope it all comes true. Amin..

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