Friday, November 4, 2011


Hai-hai-haaaaai !
As I said in the last-last posting, every Friday is time to get culinary trip. Last Friday actually I report kinda Indonesian food, gulai, but I don't post it because the pictures are accidentally deleted =(

Well, my destination this week is M Cafe which is at Mayasari Plaza Foodcourt. The first impression is comfortable ambiance. Another tenant use dining chair, but M Cafe use single couch. It's so homy.

So how about the menu? Spaghetti, burger, steak may can be found everywhere. But right in M Cafe are all friendly with 'student pocket' a.k.a very cheap! Nothing more than Rp. 20000! I ate beef steak fried which is only Rp. 12000 and spaghetti only Rp.9000 =D But of course the taste is not so bad. Yummilicious!

Beef steak fried with vegetables and french fries
spaghetti bolognese and grated cheese
mango juice and strawberry float (Ichi Bento)
soto jogja

Soto jogja is not in M Cafe. It's sold in Soto Sapi Pak Fai on BKR st. It's kind of soto which is different from another. It's not mixed with coconut milk (santan) so this soto look clearer than the others. It's differently mix sprouts and sliced cabbages in. The taste? Very tasteful because the chef use original beef broth.

See you next Friday =)

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