Saturday, December 24, 2011

Almost Same Name

Hj Imat the owner of Hajni Muslim Shop kept calling me since a few weeks ago, told that there will be photo shoot session and actress Citra Kirana as the model. And I was asked to report it. He explained Citra was acting in one of soup opera which is good in rating. I actually don't know her as well as I'm not soap opera lover. Hehehehe

After meeting and having a little talk about Mother's Day, I found Citra is a nice and friendly girl. I'm not expected that her age is still 17. Wow! I think she's been twenty something for her mature face and her body height :P

Anyway.. We have the same last name. Mine is Lisan Kyrana and hers is Citra Kirana. Proud to be Kyrana as its meaning is a beautiful light (I search it through Google). Whoever Kirana or Kyrana may aways be the light for family, for another, useful, and stay strong to keep shining =)

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