Friday, December 2, 2011

Feels Like Home

Halo alle,
Welcome back to my office. I posed on picture below feels like home as there's the red comfy couch in the corner of redaction room. Thanks for Eno for not feeling bored to take my pictures =D

I had an interview, can say a little talk with Miss Ida about her experience living in Japan. Japan is not Islamic country but the people have good character and attitude. For instance, they are aware of the importance of hygiene by disposing waste to trash can. Even a candy wrapper was saved in the pocket and it'll throw to the proper place. Not just like in Indonesia even in Tasikmalaya. Everybody seems legal to throw rubbish everywhere they want to. So the environment is getting worse. 

So many people and also government say that it's a serious problem but no serious act on it. Till now, waste problem is still a huge problem. But I think it can be solved by every little doing of people, dispose of waste in place. That's it! At least, the environment looks like good and eye catching. 

Let's try peeps. Such an easy act for big change, for better place =)