Thursday, December 1, 2011

Flying Without Wings

Everybody wants the happiness. 
They look for it to the strange places, somewhere.
If only they realize that happiness lies inside their heart.

Everybody has a dream.
They want it come true.
If only they realize that dream is nearer when we are doing harder to reach it.

Some people may say it's too hard.
Some people may say it's complicated.
Some people may give up.
But I say it's about time.

Everything's possible for the fighter.
They have fire to burn all the impossibility.
It's just like a bird that is..
Flying Without Wings.

Don't be afraid to have a dream. More dreams, more brave.
Never look for the happiness, just look for your way to make your dreams come true.
Here I am who wannabe 'something' for the world.

PS: It's about time. Just wait and see ;)

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