Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm a Journalist

Joined lecture and recitation with Bhayangkari and Mamah Dedeh as the reciter. We shared, studied, and silaturahmi. Lucky me for having chance to take picture with her, hehehe.. That's caused I was in charge to report so I can freely have a talk a.k.a interview. 

Me and Mamah Dedeh

Hi, I'm also a reporter =D
Frankly speaking, become a journalist never crossed my mind before. I joined Xpresi Radar Tasikmalaya when I was in senior high. I used to send my writing once a week, every weekend. I graduated, I try to be a real journalist sending my writings everyday. For your information, I don't send any applications to Radar =D 

I have holiday only biweekly as I ever told you in the previous posts. So tired indeed but it's fun. Yeah, fuuuuun! Hahaha

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