Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Dragon!

The weather is crazily hoooot today. Really wanna go swimming but it's kinda impossible as I was in working. So I bought this fresh juice. It helped me to lost my thirst very much. Hey, look at the color of the drink. Cool right? =D It's dragon fruit juice. Truly in love with this purple color. Feel so fresh drinking it in very hot weather.

Loss my thirst

It's red dragon fruit

Me and my niece
Anyway, today I reported to Mrs Roosje, the wife of Major of Tasikmalaya City Mr Syarif. Almost two hours we had conversation but it seemed only two minutes. Ya it's impossibly happen when girl's talk.

Mrs Roosje and me
She's quiet busy with her responsibilities as the wife of first person in Tasikmalaya. Lucky me for having chance to not only meet and greet but also had deep talk. The content of conversation is about her daily routines, her family, her job as a midwife, and her love story with her husband long ago. I learned much things from her. Alhamdulillah =)

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