Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lisan Kyrana's Sweethearts

Watching adorable kids show their performance in so many ways in Mayasari Plaza. Most of them show us the modern, traditional, and contemporary dance. It really brought me realize that I would have the sweetheart(s) like them, one day. Insyaallah. I dunno how many years I should wait for, But I'm still running my life with a hope to have amazing moment with all my sweethearts in the future. And of course after finding my soul mate =D

Adorable kids after performing Tari Ayam. Isn't it cute?
Had lunch
Paket Bokek :

To all my sweethearts who'd come to the world through me, wherever you are:

You would be so special to me and the most precious gift I would have ever received. Me, who's always waiting for the amazing time when you born wanna say 'I Love You' dearests.

Really can't wait to see you =)

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