Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nothing More

I guess everybody ever felt not respected by others. We are working hard but some people don't appreciate it. We are helping them but they even no say thanks. We are speaking but they don't give any attention. We've tried our best but they don't value our working. It doesn't mean that all we want is honor. That's not the matter. But you know we don't like to be treated bad. My point is being treated well is enough. It's a kinda good appreciation. Insulting smile should not be showed. We sometimes should excuse the errors. No anger, just forgiving and try to be better.

Well may be right now I really feel resentful because someone bring me down by what his doing to me. I've tried my best but he still.. makes me feel not respected. He doesn't value what I've done. Come on, don't you see my hard working? Why are you doing like that you are the most capable person in this world? Ya I know I'm still amateur, still crawling, still nothing.. But I frankly don't like underestimated.

Smart, creative, always have good idea. Yes that's you are! But I think it's nothing more if you can not respect others. That's all meaningless.

But from this part, I can take something to learn. I'm here in the position -as the one who feel not respected- know more how the feeling of people If I don't respect them. So I will be able to respect every little good thing people do to me. I will always learn to value other people's opinion, listen to others when they speak, never pressure someone to do something she or he doesn't wanna do, and make everyone feel comfort around me.

Let's respect others, they will also respect us.

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