Friday, December 16, 2011

Shrimp Oyster Sauce

For me, Friday is my nutritional improvement day. Why? Ya as you know every Friday I report the culinary trip around City. So I can have lunch almost whatever I want, freely =D This week I visited Saung Gunung Jati and was having shrimp oyster sauce for lunch. Super yummy! 

Taste yummy

The menu here is kinda different from usual menu in another restaurant. The shrimps and the sauce processed separately. The shrimps was fried and covered in flour. Then lined up on the plate and doused in oyster sauce. But the taste is nothing different. Seafood is always be my favorite one.  

Oseng asin jambal roti

I also had Oseng Asin Jambal Roti on my table but I quiet don't like it, hehehe. It's too salty and full of oil.

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