Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Together in Friendship

When we are together we should be spending time by.. singing at our favorite family friendship karaoke! Forget all the troubles in life which sometimes make us stuck and super tired. Trust me singing even doing random things such as dancing and screaming in Karaoke is the cool way to relieve stress.

Couple Candy and A Lutfi, Ajeng, Bang John, and me are so crazy singing friends. Keep ROCK guys! 

Candy, my bestie and me


My not finest score

Bang John was happy for getting better score
I call this 'Duet Maut'

Bang John (mid) the most beautiful guy

We are two such a BIG fans of The Beatles

Feeling thirsty after crazily scream singing

Singing friends
I'm very grateful for having good times with friends. Next time let's do it anymore, guuuys! Doing karaoke till drop.

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