Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Fitting uniforms that I'll wear in following Dekranas Program in Singapore. It's still Just-the-way-I-want style. Hehehe

Thanks Mom for being an impromptu photographer =D

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hellow Fellow

Simple thing that makes me happy is meeting up with close friends. Yaaaay! Candy is in Tasik yesterday. As always she and her boyfriend A Lutfi hold a little culinary program. This time was held in Baranang =D Bang Jona, Ajeng, Kaling (the three idiots) are also join. Happy!

Bang Jona, Candy, and me. Do we look like autistic guys? Hahaha

Candy and A Lutfi

Om and new Tante in love =D

Second Home

Office is just like my second home for me since I worked for Radar Tasikmalaya Daily Newspaper. I usually go to office at 8 AM for attending morning meeting every weekday. Then go out to report and head back to office at 3-5 PM. Writing till drop. Arriving home about 7-8 PM, till 9 PM sometimes. Enjoy..

never do this at office!

a maintenance computer
There's no purpose informing you my daily schedule everyday. Yea you know I can't save my whole lives by my self. I just wanna tell you that my life is more more more colorful than the best LED TV can show, hahahah. I'm happy for being Lisan Kyrana. Keep ROCKIN' ;)

Bon Appetit

These are what I ordered for my brunch (breakfast-lunch) in Saung Gunung Jati:

(sweet and sour squid) cumi asam manis

grilled chicken and honey

pepes ikan
I love pepes ikan more than others. It's like no thorns and so soft to eat. More tasteful eaten with sambal hijau or sambal terasi. Worth a try!

Friday, January 27, 2012

I Feel The Zephyr

Halooo! Can you guess where I took this pictures below? I ever taken some pictures here in the last-last post. Come on guess! Give up? Hahaha. Ya, I was in the 3rd floor of Santika Hotel with the swimming pool in the outdoor and the view is (whole) Tasikmlaya City from above. I was just reporting Traditional Wedding Expo held by Wina Wedding Organizer.

pose all the time

There's sky in the windowpane
Really feel the zephyr, seems OK to fly the kite on. What a super friendly weather!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Great Achievement

When they are jealous of what we achieved, it indicates that their achievement is lower than us.
-Lisan Kyrana-

Idea is Everything

Feeling confused and didn't know today what to write about! Drooped by Mayasari Plaza and have donuts and yogurt for my meal.

In creative writing, idea is everything. No matter how good a writer you might be, without ideas you will have nothing to create. Moreover I am who basically never got any writing classes. It's of course not the first time for me having the feeling like this. But you know it's so disgusting sometimes as my time is so limited. Working as a journalist for me is real a challenge in life especially in improving writing skill. The deadline haunt me everyday indeed but I feel it really improve my discipline and responsibility.

Miraculously, I'm always 'safe' to write as well including this time. I say this miracle as I can overcome and against difficulties and impossibilities. Thanks to Allah to ease and simplify my ways all the time =)

I'm ready for the next challenges!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Coco Boy

Reporting to Saung Gunung Jati on Letnan Mashudi st along with Radar TV crew. The wind blew hard ~.~ Many things to do over there, what a fun time! It's not breakfast, not also lunch. I call this brunch (breakfast-lunch) as we ate at 10 AM =D

driving mini pedicab

posing before having brunch

le-ri: A Rohman, Me, Teh Yanti, A Febi, A Rizky
comfy situation

fake log gate

writing everyday

A Rizky the Coco Boy

Look at this guy above! While I was taking coconut picture, he also wanna be taken too..  If genie appears inside the bottle, he does inside the coconut. So, let's call him Coco Boy. Coco Genie also would be alright. Hahaha

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I'm officially the delegates of Radar Tasikmalaya Daily Newspaper to report Dekranas (Dewan Kerajinan Nasional) Program in Singapore on 4th-8th of February 2012. Wish me luck guys! Super happyyyyyy..

Friday, January 20, 2012

Genah Calik

It's culinary time! I went to Saung Genah Calik on Ir H Juanda st Tasikmalaya City. It has good view with a large fishing pond, another one to take fish therapy, and meeting room which is able to be used for Karaoke. 

I'd like to try main menu kangkung hot plate. The content is not only kangkung, seafood such as shrimp and squid is also available. So tasteful and recommended to try :9

Kangkung hot plate with seafood
You wanna try?
beside fishing pond
Gula aren juice
Mixing jackfruit and melon juice
Nasi timbel komplit
See you on my next culinary posts! =)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dress up!

My recent outfits on Coco Girl:

Which one do you like? All of them? Oh yeah, I guess it before. Thanks :)

The Doll is Praying

The last day of UAS, I said: yaaaay! So happy to be free of any assignments and tight schedules :P
I dropped by my sister's house near college to take a rest and praying. When I entered my niece room, I was so curious to know what she is doing. One thing makes me wanna laugh is she's making her doll just like people's praying. Yeah, the doll is praying while she isn't. Hahaha 

Ime and the praying doll

both are cute and sweet :P
do we look like bulls?

kiss :)

her skin's now browner

Monday, January 16, 2012


Love is old
Love is new
Love is all
Love is YOU!

-The Beatles-

Are You Joking?

As always, I have so many things to do everyday. Today's first, I'll apply passport to Immigration Office. So I preserved my writing in order to make my office partner working well without any interruptions. I schedule my self to be free today so I can concern to handle my passport application. 

After everything's well done, suddenly I have another task to report a Car Exhibition in Plaza Asia. Actually I was so tireeeed, but nothing to answer only YES. In this case, I should be a yes women indeed. Unfortunately the season was quiet bad and rainy. Arrived at Plaza, I looked for the Exhibition. It's usually held at LGF but I can't find anything right there. I went to upstairs, also nothing. 

Then I tried to telephone the one who asked me to report there. He said, "The program is not held right now, but it will be held next week. I'm so sorry for wrong information."

Oh yeah! Are you joking sir?

Waiting for the rain stop

Facebook-ing always

Having 'meal'

Ayam Penyet

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Look at My Pearly Smile

This is Saturday night and I'm.. hang out to Mokko Factory! Yaaaay. Today can say my hectic day. I was getting examination, then working. So I went out with a black-white Exam outfit -____- But fortunately I'm always looking good although my mind and body feel super tired. The secret is keep smiling. Look at my pearly smile below:

I'm beautiful right? Hahaha

It's real froyo
Teh Tina, she must be tired too
The reflection
Donut Mokko

Sahrul, Teh Tina's little brother
Just celebrated grand opening a few days ago, Mokko has much visitors. Especially in the weekend. Homey and cozy room make me feel comfortable. Feels like home indeed. Enjoy!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Me Do Re Mi

I wake up in the morning, pray, I do a little stretching exercise, and play piano. That's real my (almost) everyday habit. I was growing up listening music and always feel curious to play them by my self. The Beatles, Queen, Westlife are a few of my favorites band who sing my favorite songs. 

I say being able to play piano is such a pleasure. Actually I'm still amateur but I really enjoy my inability. More practice makes perfect. I have plan to take piano lesson next month. That's frankly the third times as I always stop in the middle of practicing. Inconsistent? Ya I am. But not for blogging, I promise =) Playing piano is a way to feel comfortable and avoid wasting time.

Rice in The Kastrol

Halo people! Again, I was having lunch at Rumah Makan Kampung Jembar. Really heart the place and the dishes. Here are some menus for lunch. Sayur Asem, hayam goreng lembur (fried chicken), and liwet. Liwet is kind of rice which is cooked in the katrol. You know katrol? Just look at the lowest picture here.

Sayur Asem is so tasteful

The dishes

Hayam goreng lembur

This is what I call Katrol
My tongue is so pampered as well as I can eat every dishes served FREELY, hihihihi.