Monday, January 16, 2012

Are You Joking?

As always, I have so many things to do everyday. Today's first, I'll apply passport to Immigration Office. So I preserved my writing in order to make my office partner working well without any interruptions. I schedule my self to be free today so I can concern to handle my passport application. 

After everything's well done, suddenly I have another task to report a Car Exhibition in Plaza Asia. Actually I was so tireeeed, but nothing to answer only YES. In this case, I should be a yes women indeed. Unfortunately the season was quiet bad and rainy. Arrived at Plaza, I looked for the Exhibition. It's usually held at LGF but I can't find anything right there. I went to upstairs, also nothing. 

Then I tried to telephone the one who asked me to report there. He said, "The program is not held right now, but it will be held next week. I'm so sorry for wrong information."

Oh yeah! Are you joking sir?

Waiting for the rain stop

Facebook-ing always

Having 'meal'

Ayam Penyet

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