Monday, January 9, 2012

Cat, I'm in Love

A thing keep spinning around on my mind, O God please.. I hate having this feeling :P

Gotta go to Bunda's home after working. Luckily it's still afternoon so I spent my time there any longer. As always, I told to her about some stories happened lately. It's actually the second time I told her about 'it' hihihi :P 

Me and Garfield. He's 3 years old now. I really know better him when he was kitten.
Waiting for his female cat, Oneng
Congklak, traditional game of Javanese folks
We also made popcorn
Bunda asked me to sleep right in her home but I can't as I have to go to work earlier tomorrow. I do remember we used to spend night by having movie marathon. So much DVD's to watch and of course.. with pop corn in our hand ;)

May be next time I'll post about our same habit. Good night, people!

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