Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Coco Boy

Reporting to Saung Gunung Jati on Letnan Mashudi st along with Radar TV crew. The wind blew hard ~.~ Many things to do over there, what a fun time! It's not breakfast, not also lunch. I call this brunch (breakfast-lunch) as we ate at 10 AM =D

driving mini pedicab

posing before having brunch

le-ri: A Rohman, Me, Teh Yanti, A Febi, A Rizky
comfy situation

fake log gate

writing everyday

A Rizky the Coco Boy

Look at this guy above! While I was taking coconut picture, he also wanna be taken too..  If genie appears inside the bottle, he does inside the coconut. So, let's call him Coco Boy. Coco Genie also would be alright. Hahaha

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