Thursday, January 26, 2012

Idea is Everything

Feeling confused and didn't know today what to write about! Drooped by Mayasari Plaza and have donuts and yogurt for my meal.

In creative writing, idea is everything. No matter how good a writer you might be, without ideas you will have nothing to create. Moreover I am who basically never got any writing classes. It's of course not the first time for me having the feeling like this. But you know it's so disgusting sometimes as my time is so limited. Working as a journalist for me is real a challenge in life especially in improving writing skill. The deadline haunt me everyday indeed but I feel it really improve my discipline and responsibility.

Miraculously, I'm always 'safe' to write as well including this time. I say this miracle as I can overcome and against difficulties and impossibilities. Thanks to Allah to ease and simplify my ways all the time =)

I'm ready for the next challenges!