Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We Call This Toet-toet

Let me say: Halooooooo!
Today I was reporting to Rumah Makan Pepes Jembar on Jalan Letnan Harun near City Hall. It's the the third place beside on Jalan Sewaka and Jalan Laswi. Different from the others, right here is applying Old Sundanese Food concept. A menu which attracts me is Angeun Tutut. Hahaha.

It's kinda hard to eat what inside the shell. So we have to use tooth pick to remove it or suck it till come out! I like the unique way to eat it, really! In Bahasa Sunda 'suck' means 'Ngecrok' and 'Ngecrok Tutut' in phrase =D what a cool words right?

Angeun Tutut

toothpicks to remove tutut from the shell

sambal terasi

I'm the fourth child in family
I love siluet
Saung Lesehan
Do come here! You'll get relaxing place and tasteful foods.. with the countryside view =)

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