Sunday, January 15, 2012

Look at My Pearly Smile

This is Saturday night and I'm.. hang out to Mokko Factory! Yaaaay. Today can say my hectic day. I was getting examination, then working. So I went out with a black-white Exam outfit -____- But fortunately I'm always looking good although my mind and body feel super tired. The secret is keep smiling. Look at my pearly smile below:

I'm beautiful right? Hahaha

It's real froyo
Teh Tina, she must be tired too
The reflection
Donut Mokko

Sahrul, Teh Tina's little brother
Just celebrated grand opening a few days ago, Mokko has much visitors. Especially in the weekend. Homey and cozy room make me feel comfortable. Feels like home indeed. Enjoy!

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