Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Habit and Forever

Went to bookstore, a pink Alquran attract me. Without thinking any further, I just bought it. So long time not recite Alquran. I'm sad because of my business and laziness I'm very rare recite it. Alhamdulillah for the journey which drive me to the bookstore so I have willing to not only bought but also wanna recite it more and more, and become my habit forever.

Dear Allah my one and only God,
I love to get closer to You even sometimes it's hard to do. 
I love the tears that flow down for You when I think of You as my God.
I love how I beg you for help.
I love talking to You
I love the way You make me feel complete when I feel lonely I suddenly realize that I have You here in my heart.
I love the way You love me endlessly...

Please forgive all of my sins and always show me the way to be on the right track.
I can't wait to see You, I do miss You :')

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Xpresi!

Actually I'm tired of working as a journalist for having a crazy working hours. But I'll always try to enjoy everything on it. And ya I'm enjoy being a young journalist who's still listed in college. It's a learning for me to be better in managing times and energy. I'm proud of my self because I'm financially independent by paying college fee by mine.

Some people ask me why I can be a journalist while I'm only still a senior high graduate. Let me tell the history. I join Go to School (Now Xpresi) Radar Tasikmalaya when I was in senior high. I was recruited by my senior and used to send my writing once a week, every weekend. I had salary which I received every month. Never forget in my mind about how happy I am when I got my first salary as a student journalist. It's only IDR 40000 but I really appreciate it. When I just got home, I looked for my Mom and tell her I just got salary. Mom also gimme appreciation. She always told me to look more for experience, don't be money oriented person. So heart warming :)

Go to School was changing to be Xpresi in Radar Tasikmalaya daily newspaper. It's published not only once a week but everyday. Also it's been a tabloid which is published separately every Monday. Everything's changing very fast, right? Now Xpresi and crews just celebrated their 1st anniversary. I'm interviewed as the first generation of it. I usually interview people everyday and now I'm interviewed :D   

Look weird finding my picture on the tabloid. But yea it's a nice experienced to exist over there. Well, happy anniversary, Xpresi! Keep changing better and moving forward =)

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Tasik was crazily hot this afternoon. The sun's just like nearer above us. Complaining? No! I'm now feeling better without being grumpy and complaining. Everything's fun if we decided to to think and make it fun. In celebrating the very-hot-day today, I bought some ice cream home. Life is always easy when we say NO for complaint and YES for celebrating and being grateful =)

love the rainbow ice cream
The climate changes very fast. The sun shine brightly in the afternoon, the rain come in the evening. Everyday hot and cool. I sometimes find people always complain while it's hot day or rainy day. Complaining is useless, no advantages. I invite you to celebrate whatever the weather is. Let's celebrate the hot day with some your favorite ice cream and the cute umbrella or boot when it's raining. Don't forget to put smile in your nice lips =)

my boot

me, always happy =D
Life is worth daily celebration! No complaint you'll be happier. Trust me ;)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fish Soup

I had lunch at Saung Balong, tasted some menus there. One of my favorite is fish soup. I order fresh nila soup. It's only IDR 10000 =D

Fresh nila soup

Nasi timbel komplit

Nasi timbel sight seeing

do you want sambal dadak? =D
So lucky I got them all FREE =)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Woman

God created everything in pairs. All things are in twos. Day and night, low and high, positive and negative, man and woman. They all make this life balanced and completed. Also I'm as a woman would make a man feel completed for having me as his lover one day :P

By the way, I'm very delightful trusted to handle For Her page in redaction. Reporting (almost) everything about woman open my mind to think in the different point of views. Some woman may say it's complicated being themselves. Ranging from the way to dress up till make up. It needs high cost to look beautiful. To buy any make up tools and varied fashion items. But I don't think the same. 

The essential of being woman is about our role. I think woman has significant role in every aspects of life. We can be a child, a wife, and also a Mom. We experience so many changes in our bodies, minds, and of course our life. We got to experience life in a whole different way than a man do and I personally love it. I'm definitely still a child but I'm preparing my self to change the role by now. Change is good for us, I also love to change to be a better person and surely everybody loves too. So If you knew me yesterday please don't think that it's the same person that you're meeting today because I always change and move on day by day.

Another thing being a woman is for having more choices. They can work or stay home. Be a nurse, journalist, or soldier. Despite the fact that man have it good, just ask a men who has chosen a career viewed as for woman such as a nurse or secretary or being the one who stay at home and raise the kids while the Mom works. I think no gentleman would be :P 

Every woman especially they are who's been a Mom are nation's educators. They teach and educate their own children indeed, however indirectly they teach the nation. That's the reason a woman should be educated first to create good nation. How to be educated? It's such an easy way as the knowledge are everywhere. From books till internet. All we have to do is having a willing to get it.

Absolutely I'm so proud being born as a woman, as Lisan Kyrana. My job lead me to see the real phenomenon in life and it makes me think more and more. I have so much experiences to learn and apply one day If I were a wife or a Mom. I'll never stop learning and finding knowledge to be a good lover to my husband (later) and the best mom also educator (I hope not only) for my children.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Rude people never has even a super tiny place in everyone's heart!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Designer Wannabe

I claim my self as a girl with a thousand dreams. I ever told before that I ever had dream to be an ambassador. I thought it's such a cool profession and possible bring me around the world. Well, perhaps being an ambassador is right now only hope, only dream. But I'll never stop to make the others come true.

Frankly I also have a dream to be a designer! Wanna laugh? Yes go ahead. I did first :P I may never had attend fashion class but I love to sketch some fashion design. The result is so nooot but my high confidence value it as a 'fine' one. Sketching is just like fiction-writing, it's all about imagination. I usually save my sketch book right behind on my pillow. So If I wake up in the middle of the night and having some inspirations, I quickly sketch. Some people get 'sleep texting', I get 'sleep sketching' hehehe. Next time I'll post some sketch results of mine.

I just paid modem fee today. Very lucky for paying lower than usual. It should be Rp.110.000 but I have to pay only Rp.27.500! That has been for two months actually. What a fortune >.<

Then afterward I dropped by fabric shop, looking for some unique fabrics. I found kind of textile like Songket from Sumatera. Really love the motive <3 The color is just like 3D if I stare it from the different light intensity. Sometimes it looks terracota, sometimes greenish, blueish, and violetish :D Too cute!

here is what I call like Songket

songket and velvet

It's close
I plan to make it a formal dress and cardigan. Just wait for the result in the next post ;)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ducky Yummy Yummy

Gonna try this duck grilled at Saung Geulis Hj Imas on BKR st. Very soft even it's not using any presto.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I See The Rainbow

When I close my eyes all I can see and think about is only a rainbow, that's the secret of my always-colorful life. No matter I'm in the darkness.
-Lisan Kyrana-

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Boring Daily Routine

Hallo people! Have you ever felt your daily routine is soooo boring? Yea I know boring daily routine happens to everyone sooner or later and more often sooner than later, right? Hehehe :P

Wake up- go to work- writing- come back home- sleeping. That's what I'm going through everyday. Oh man! what a boring -_-

Everyone also had their own way to blow out their boring day. My way is: Polish my nails, then while the nail polish is still wet, I pick something inside my nose. Haha of course no! That's unfunny joking actually.

When I felt bored of my daily routine, I take a seat in the corner of cafe. Enjoying some interesting menu over there. Or just close my eyes, take a deep breath then go sleeping. Or just smiling right in front of the mirror, then laughing. Many ways I always do depends on the situation. One thought I believe in is 'Boring daily Routine definitely passed or Bete Pasti Berlalu' hehehe 

Keep smiling and struggling to avoid the boring thing in your life =) Make it all exciting!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be Grateful

If you keep looking up at what others have, then you will never feel you have enough.

-Ari Wibowo on his interview with The Jakarta Post-

Merchandise Exchange

Leaving Singapore I brought sooo many merchandises to share with my friends. Some of them give me merchandise back. Here are the items:

wall decoration from Mutti

mug from Sist Wiwid

More people actually gimme merchandises back. But I don't shoot them all, these are the representatives, all about Germany.. Why? Because Germany is my wannabe there place. Really wanna be there as soon as possible :)

Too Sweet to Forget

Had lunch at Iga Bakar Bandung on Dr Sukardjo street. Smooth and delicious. Must to try! Bon appetit =)

only IDR 23.000

Potret Bandung tempo doeloe

Sentuhan bidadari, mixing banana and strawberry

mojang priangan, slicing melon and nata de coco

Bandung berawan, mixing milk and oreo


nah, this is nasi liwet and fried shrimp by Dhapur Desa  for my dinner
Life is always wonderful when tasty foods around.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Next Destination

"Don't stay in your little cubicle. Go and travel. See and explore the world. Open your mind," So here is m next destination:

Please pray for me, peeeps =)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Too Coooool

Really fall in love with the city. So clean and well organized. Actually I don't wanna back home, I wanna stay any longer over there!

in the top of a building near Marina Bay

the small view of the city

Celebrating hot day with ice cream

looks like the picture behind? =D

super silly

duo lion

very laidback
Anyone fly me (again) to Singapore?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ever Been

Visiting embassy of The Republic of Indonesia for Singapore. We are treated to have breakfast together. Mr, Andri Hadi as the ambassador is very humble and friendly. Unfortunately I don't have a chance to interview or have a lil talk with him and his wife. 

Being ambassador actually  has ever been my dream profession

Mr Ambassador

Smiling always

at Arab Street

fake beverages
Mrs Major, Hj Roosje likely wants to eat them :D

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sentosa Island

It's just like 'love at the first sight' I've been in love with the country named Singapore by the time I arrived there. Many people said it's very clean. Yes, definitely true! Compared to Indonesia especially Tasikmalaya City, Singapore is more well-organized. People there are very discipline. Everything has its place and any activity leading for it not to be is deemed illegal.

The biggest merlion, symbol of Singapore

Sentosa Island

Shopping at Forever 21. Always love the colorful items inside the store

Universal Studio


Actually the flower has no good smell :P

myths, legends, and histories
There is a fine or penalty for absolutely everything in Singapore, for spitting on the street, for gum chewing, for being intoxicated in public areas, for walking on the grass, etc. Sure they are strict but it's such a nice city to visit, with beautiful view, and a lot to see, all packaged in a small island.

One thing that makes me comfortable is about public transportation. MRT and LRT are great. Some of them are running automatically, without driver. Also all the drivers on the street or the road are driving their vehicle orderly. 

Singapore really has the quality. Thumbs up!