Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Boring Daily Routine

Hallo people! Have you ever felt your daily routine is soooo boring? Yea I know boring daily routine happens to everyone sooner or later and more often sooner than later, right? Hehehe :P

Wake up- go to work- writing- come back home- sleeping. That's what I'm going through everyday. Oh man! what a boring -_-

Everyone also had their own way to blow out their boring day. My way is: Polish my nails, then while the nail polish is still wet, I pick something inside my nose. Haha of course no! That's unfunny joking actually.

When I felt bored of my daily routine, I take a seat in the corner of cafe. Enjoying some interesting menu over there. Or just close my eyes, take a deep breath then go sleeping. Or just smiling right in front of the mirror, then laughing. Many ways I always do depends on the situation. One thought I believe in is 'Boring daily Routine definitely passed or Bete Pasti Berlalu' hehehe 

Keep smiling and struggling to avoid the boring thing in your life =) Make it all exciting!

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