Saturday, February 25, 2012


Tasik was crazily hot this afternoon. The sun's just like nearer above us. Complaining? No! I'm now feeling better without being grumpy and complaining. Everything's fun if we decided to to think and make it fun. In celebrating the very-hot-day today, I bought some ice cream home. Life is always easy when we say NO for complaint and YES for celebrating and being grateful =)

love the rainbow ice cream
The climate changes very fast. The sun shine brightly in the afternoon, the rain come in the evening. Everyday hot and cool. I sometimes find people always complain while it's hot day or rainy day. Complaining is useless, no advantages. I invite you to celebrate whatever the weather is. Let's celebrate the hot day with some your favorite ice cream and the cute umbrella or boot when it's raining. Don't forget to put smile in your nice lips =)

my boot

me, always happy =D
Life is worth daily celebration! No complaint you'll be happier. Trust me ;)

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