Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Designer Wannabe

I claim my self as a girl with a thousand dreams. I ever told before that I ever had dream to be an ambassador. I thought it's such a cool profession and possible bring me around the world. Well, perhaps being an ambassador is right now only hope, only dream. But I'll never stop to make the others come true.

Frankly I also have a dream to be a designer! Wanna laugh? Yes go ahead. I did first :P I may never had attend fashion class but I love to sketch some fashion design. The result is so nooot but my high confidence value it as a 'fine' one. Sketching is just like fiction-writing, it's all about imagination. I usually save my sketch book right behind on my pillow. So If I wake up in the middle of the night and having some inspirations, I quickly sketch. Some people get 'sleep texting', I get 'sleep sketching' hehehe. Next time I'll post some sketch results of mine.

I just paid modem fee today. Very lucky for paying lower than usual. It should be Rp.110.000 but I have to pay only Rp.27.500! That has been for two months actually. What a fortune >.<

Then afterward I dropped by fabric shop, looking for some unique fabrics. I found kind of textile like Songket from Sumatera. Really love the motive <3 The color is just like 3D if I stare it from the different light intensity. Sometimes it looks terracota, sometimes greenish, blueish, and violetish :D Too cute!

here is what I call like Songket

songket and velvet

It's close
I plan to make it a formal dress and cardigan. Just wait for the result in the next post ;)

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