Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Xpresi!

Actually I'm tired of working as a journalist for having a crazy working hours. But I'll always try to enjoy everything on it. And ya I'm enjoy being a young journalist who's still listed in college. It's a learning for me to be better in managing times and energy. I'm proud of my self because I'm financially independent by paying college fee by mine.

Some people ask me why I can be a journalist while I'm only still a senior high graduate. Let me tell the history. I join Go to School (Now Xpresi) Radar Tasikmalaya when I was in senior high. I was recruited by my senior and used to send my writing once a week, every weekend. I had salary which I received every month. Never forget in my mind about how happy I am when I got my first salary as a student journalist. It's only IDR 40000 but I really appreciate it. When I just got home, I looked for my Mom and tell her I just got salary. Mom also gimme appreciation. She always told me to look more for experience, don't be money oriented person. So heart warming :)

Go to School was changing to be Xpresi in Radar Tasikmalaya daily newspaper. It's published not only once a week but everyday. Also it's been a tabloid which is published separately every Monday. Everything's changing very fast, right? Now Xpresi and crews just celebrated their 1st anniversary. I'm interviewed as the first generation of it. I usually interview people everyday and now I'm interviewed :D   

Look weird finding my picture on the tabloid. But yea it's a nice experienced to exist over there. Well, happy anniversary, Xpresi! Keep changing better and moving forward =)

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