Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sentosa Island

It's just like 'love at the first sight' I've been in love with the country named Singapore by the time I arrived there. Many people said it's very clean. Yes, definitely true! Compared to Indonesia especially Tasikmalaya City, Singapore is more well-organized. People there are very discipline. Everything has its place and any activity leading for it not to be is deemed illegal.

The biggest merlion, symbol of Singapore

Sentosa Island

Shopping at Forever 21. Always love the colorful items inside the store

Universal Studio


Actually the flower has no good smell :P

myths, legends, and histories
There is a fine or penalty for absolutely everything in Singapore, for spitting on the street, for gum chewing, for being intoxicated in public areas, for walking on the grass, etc. Sure they are strict but it's such a nice city to visit, with beautiful view, and a lot to see, all packaged in a small island.

One thing that makes me comfortable is about public transportation. MRT and LRT are great. Some of them are running automatically, without driver. Also all the drivers on the street or the road are driving their vehicle orderly. 

Singapore really has the quality. Thumbs up!