Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Woman

God created everything in pairs. All things are in twos. Day and night, low and high, positive and negative, man and woman. They all make this life balanced and completed. Also I'm as a woman would make a man feel completed for having me as his lover one day :P

By the way, I'm very delightful trusted to handle For Her page in redaction. Reporting (almost) everything about woman open my mind to think in the different point of views. Some woman may say it's complicated being themselves. Ranging from the way to dress up till make up. It needs high cost to look beautiful. To buy any make up tools and varied fashion items. But I don't think the same. 

The essential of being woman is about our role. I think woman has significant role in every aspects of life. We can be a child, a wife, and also a Mom. We experience so many changes in our bodies, minds, and of course our life. We got to experience life in a whole different way than a man do and I personally love it. I'm definitely still a child but I'm preparing my self to change the role by now. Change is good for us, I also love to change to be a better person and surely everybody loves too. So If you knew me yesterday please don't think that it's the same person that you're meeting today because I always change and move on day by day.

Another thing being a woman is for having more choices. They can work or stay home. Be a nurse, journalist, or soldier. Despite the fact that man have it good, just ask a men who has chosen a career viewed as for woman such as a nurse or secretary or being the one who stay at home and raise the kids while the Mom works. I think no gentleman would be :P 

Every woman especially they are who's been a Mom are nation's educators. They teach and educate their own children indeed, however indirectly they teach the nation. That's the reason a woman should be educated first to create good nation. How to be educated? It's such an easy way as the knowledge are everywhere. From books till internet. All we have to do is having a willing to get it.

Absolutely I'm so proud being born as a woman, as Lisan Kyrana. My job lead me to see the real phenomenon in life and it makes me think more and more. I have so much experiences to learn and apply one day If I were a wife or a Mom. I'll never stop learning and finding knowledge to be a good lover to my husband (later) and the best mom also educator (I hope not only) for my children.

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