Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Habit and Forever

Went to bookstore, a pink Alquran attract me. Without thinking any further, I just bought it. So long time not recite Alquran. I'm sad because of my business and laziness I'm very rare recite it. Alhamdulillah for the journey which drive me to the bookstore so I have willing to not only bought but also wanna recite it more and more, and become my habit forever.

Dear Allah my one and only God,
I love to get closer to You even sometimes it's hard to do. 
I love the tears that flow down for You when I think of You as my God.
I love how I beg you for help.
I love talking to You
I love the way You make me feel complete when I feel lonely I suddenly realize that I have You here in my heart.
I love the way You love me endlessly...

Please forgive all of my sins and always show me the way to be on the right track.
I can't wait to see You, I do miss You :')

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